Paranormal Activity: the Summary of the Film


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Paranormal Activity 3 movie depicts the presence of a supernatural being living in the house of the main character. The supernatural being is portrayed as demon which manifests itself as a ghost by creating disturbances in the house. Furthermore, the demon undertakes vicious actions against the people; Dennis, Julie and her little girls, and babysitter, who live in the house. The director tells that the demon is interested in marrying one Julie’s little girls, Kristi. Though at the end of the movie the demon succeeds, the marriage encounters several obstacles that must be exempted for it occurs.

Julie’s boyfriend, Dennis is portrayed in the movie as business man. He sells weddings videos that he shoots, edits and sells to clients. Ironically, Dennis is not married Julie or any other woman in the movie. Furthermore, he believes that marriage does not guarantee strengthening of the relationship bonds, perhaps explains why he is not married. The movies furthers says it may be related evidence the he encountered in his work.

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In the movie, the demon showed is called Toby and is responsible for disturbances that are encountered frequently in the house. This unexplained phenomena forces

Dennis to plant surveillance cameras in the house in bid to search for explanation for this encounters. The movie story tells that Toby likes to create this disturbances with the aim haunt and scare Julie, Dennis and Katie.

Besides, while playing Bloody Mary in the bathroom, Randi, Dennis’s friend is scratched by Toby. The wound lacks any logical explanation which leaves the argument to be purely supernatural and therefore come to the conclusion that it is aimed at scaring Randi, as the movies tells of no conflict between the two.

The movies tells that Dennis is not Julie’s little girls’ father. However, ant the end of the movie, the movie reveals that Julie and her mother Lois collaborated in killing him. This explains why there is no communication whatsoever between the girls and their father. Besides, where would he call from? Moreover, the movie does not reveal the reason as to why the two, Julie and her mother killed the girls’ biological father.

Lois is portrayed as a witch belonging to a coven that has strong beliefs. However, little information; name, their location or even member, is given about the coven. As part of the various beliefs, Lois wants her daughter, Julie, to sire a son, probably with Dennis. The writer of the story does not give the ultimatum of siring the baby or provide reasons as to why the son is of great importance to the witches’ beliefs, but may be unveiled in subsequent movies.

At the end of the movie, Lois allows Toby to kill Julie so he can marry her grand-daughter Kristi. Evidently, perhaps Julie represented an obstacles against Toby’s and Kristi’s wedding. One therefore can conclude there to be a deal between Lois and Toby, so as to sacrifice her own daughter. While this is seen as a way of showing devotion to the coven, the marriage between Toby and Kristi may be somewhat beneficial to the coven. This raises the question, is Lois coaxed to allowing the killing of her daughter to prove her allegiance to the coven?

Another obstacle against the marriage is the babysitter. She seems to know of the supernatural existence in the house and may try to stop it. The movie tells that at some time she lights incense to ward of the evil spirits from the house. As such, Toby stalks her in a bid to learn what her plans are, which would ruin toby’s plans of marrying Kristi.

The baby sitter at one point put on a sheet and purports to be a ghost, probably as part of theatrics within the movie. Ironically, Toby put on the sheet and is ready to scare the maid away once it learns of her plans. Therefore, alongside killing of Julie, concludes that the demon is willing to do anything just to get married to Kristi.

Kristi describes the demon as being very tall. However, the demon appears to be only three feet in height. Though no explanation is given, one is left to think that it considers being tall appealing to Kristi, a little girl with the intention of winning over her heart. Further, this shows the demon’s ability to change its height and probably other qualities too not shown in the movie.

The movie renders that Katie cannot remember anything from the past events shown by the previous Paranormal Activity in her childhood. The movies thus conclude that Katie restrains herself from remembering such events probably because she is in self–denial.

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