Parent Contrast in "To Kill a Mockingbird"

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Ordinarily, the role that parents play in writing are static characters out of sight. Eragon was an orphan and in Percy Jackson, his folks are dead. In To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, guardians have a more proactive part in the lives of their youngsters, each engraving their positive and negatives practices upon their kids.

Bob Ewell, to begin, was not the best role model and parent. The Ewell's are viewed as the town bullies and villains. They don't go to school, they have terrible cleanliness, and are known to cause inconvenience. This can be traced back to to Bob Ewell's injurious identity and bigoted attitude. His girl Mayella has both been sexually and physically mishandled by him. Overall, his child raising style is to disregard his youngsters unless he needs to manhandle them. It is very unfortunate.

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On the opposite end of the range of parenting techniques, there is Atticus Finch, who had an extremely novel child rearing style, considering this was the Depression Era Alabama. He regularly treated his children, Scout and Jem, just like grown-ups, welcoming them to have a problem solving attitude and encouraging them to treat everyone equally. He also encouraged them to be people who asked questions. The effect this has on his youngsters is that they end up autonomous scholars. Scout frequently asks questions and has interactions with adults beyond her age.

The parent in To Kill A Mockingbird that most nearly takes after a modern day parent we'd see today is Walter Cunningham. Cunningham is a dedicated, but somewhat poor farmer. He's showed his youngsters about diligent work and appears to be adoring, however there is an episode where he drives a crowd to lynch Tom Robinson at the jailhouse. He's in the end persuaded by Scout to not lynch Robinson, since Cunningham has a duty to his kids. He's an ideal case of a generally decent parent that has his blemishes. When you take a moment to consider, he is the most like a genuine parent.

To Kill A Mockingbird completes an awesome activity of outlining the assorted variety among parents/guardians and different ways to raise your children. We have the father that instructs his youngsters, the defective father, and the father that we wish wasn't a father. Mockingbird summons reflections about the impacts we have in our life, and whether they would be abusive drunks like Ewell, or help raise us to be intelligent just like Atticus.

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