Parents Are the Most Important People in My Life

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Parents Are The Most Important People in My Life

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Parents are very important because they are the ones’ who brought us up to be who we have become today. Parents has a great responsibility in educating us to be an educated person as well as a person which is respected in the society. They start to educate us from the very beginning with the simplest manners in which helps us to build ourselves to become a useful person to growing nation. Parents also plays the role of a facilitator in guiding us throughout our lifetime. Parent helps us to overcome our problems that we face in our daily lives by giving us tips and encouragements. This helps us to build our personality and at the same time incorporate the moral values that the pass down to us. Parents starts playing their roles in bringing us with all positive attitude and moral education in order for us to become a successful person in the future.

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Firstly, one of the most important moral values and principle that I was brought up with is love.

Love is a major component in today’s society as it has the will to unite the people of the community without regarding their culture and race. My parents have always advised me to always love people by talking to them and not discriminating them. These principle has been playing a major component in my life today as it helps me to engage with people and this has giving me opportunity to broaden my scope of life. Why broaden me scope of life? Well by engaging with people I get to understand them better and I also get the advantage of learning new knowledge about others culture as well as their country. Not to forget, love is a wonderful thing and it is something that should be cherished. Love lets us to get closer to each other and this build a stronger bond between me and the people around me. In other words, to be loved and to love is a blessing.

Secondly, forgiveness is a core principle that was practised and sown deeply into me. Forgiveness is very important as we all make mistakes in our daily lives. In a family, arguments are inevitable. My parents have thought me to assess the problem before making a decision. This has made me to be able to stay calm no matter what the situation is. Arguments among sibling occurs almost every time and these arguments should not stay for a long time as it would make us no more a happy family. My parents usually will advise us to resolve it by forgiving each other. They always remind us that forgiving someone is better that adding the fuel to the fire as it will lower the changes of making the problem any worse than it is already. Sometimes the results may not be according to our wills but my parents told us to be grateful with the decisions rather than continuously hurting each other either mentally or physically. This Principle has been a major believe that I follow daily as it helps me to be close with my family members rather than fighting with each other. This also has allowed me to leave a harmonious life with the people of the society without causing a russ.

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