Parents Reaction and Observation Towards the Implementation of No Assignment Policy Every Weekends

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The process by understanding learning, building knowledge and testing one’s ability called “Education”. Learners were seeking education in Academic Institutions in order to gain wisdom and skills, perception of knowledge and enlightenment. It is important to everyone’s life in order to know what life they will be having as the world wants them to be. Success can be attained if you had the key of better education.

Person will not take an action without a cause even the worst thing that we made in our life, because there is always a reason with different action, just like DEP Ed (Department of Education) Memorandum allows teachers to provide task to the student every weekend. Teachers are skilled/ well-trained professionals by the government that will teach as well as give their students the knowledge they need. An advocacy that prioritize life achieving goals.

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Significance of assignment is for test every student if they learn also cope something from school and to give more information about the subjects. Every teacher want to test if their student was learning in almost 1 hour of giving time and efforts in sharing their knowledge to their students. Almost of the teachers give their students an extra assignment of them to cope up with lessons and understand much more by their own way. And also they are preparing their students for the following days that will be full of task. This assignment can make the students do a better time management. For example once a students didn’t understand the lesson fully in school because of the limited time, there will be still a chance of them to understand the lesson by just answering the assignments given by their teachers.

The parents once said, the children should still enjoy their life being a kid but because of lots of assignments and paper works, there are no time left to still enjoy life. And the sad part is that the family bonding were starting to fade away. Some schools give assignment to the students every weekend to comply with their requirement but the truth is not all can comply and the most painful part is that there are still slow learners in school. For some students they might think that it will be hard for them to pass of all subject and comply with the requirements on time.

Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has issued Memorandum No. 392 in year 2017 which orders the teachers not to give the students assignments every weekend for them to have quality time with their family and friends. No assignment policy of the government has a very good advantages for the student’s family, friends and the students alone. Students are going to have fun and enjoy the time that they will had with their love ones. This doesn’t mean that they will be forgetting their academic obligation but instead it help them to think positively and freshen their mind to be ready for another week in school with full of task.

No assignment Policy had a great value for the students and parents especially for those Filipino students were facing different problems where in weekends are the time for their entire family to spend their time and effort together, relaxation and enjoyment within family’s company where in they may help the younger members to find the right choice. The DEP Ed Memo No.392 entitled No Assignment Policy on weekends allow the students to spend their weekends together with their peers, friends and family and have fun with them. This may result to build a good and better relationship towards each other.

No Assignment Policy every weekend can play an important role in building a stronger student-parent relationship. Aside from the fact that the students was also gaining knowledge, they can also enjoy their lives when they were still kids. Children will be able to nourish and develop their skills that they can captivate while they were not inside their classroom nor their homes but instead outside the box where they can find their safe place.

Weekends was only composed of 2 days: Saturday and Sunday. This is not a reduction and loss for the students to learn. Giving them the price of having the weekends without requirements and homework to comply for the school needs. Spending time with our families and friends during weekends where the students were free from books, lessons and requirements can help them enjoy their young life, play and make friends. They can make the most out of them, if they were able to explore the world without thinking that there were still homework that they will answer in order to comply their teacher’s requirements.

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