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In 1973 the government of Malaysia approved a new policy that all school is compulsory to establish an association which is known as PTA. PTA (Parents Teacher association) which is more known as PIBG in Malaysia is an institution which is established in all government schools is intended to create a collaboration between parents and teachers in the relevant school.PTA also serves as a donation hub for the public to contribute whether it is money, material or energy for the benefit of the students and facilities of the school. The PTA is comprised of teachers, parents, and guardians who have children in the school.(NORZALINA, 2011) Usually, the school is responsible for collects fees from the guards as a source of mobilizing associations.

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The AGM General Meeting is held once a year to elect its committee members. The chairman of the PTA is usually appointed among the parents while the principal or professor acts as an adviser and a teacher acts as secretary. PTA can contribute substantial contributions to the advancement of a school. For example, the PTA can help solve the problem of student misconduct, can help in charity work and can help find financial resources on behalf of the school. To answer this question, as the principals’ role in the community, school leaders also have the responsibility to activate the PTA. Effective principals will involve PTA in efforts to achieve school’s goals. PTA is responsible to build a team of committee members who are willing and keen to succeed in school programs. Innovation and good leader quality leadership can design various strategies to determine the success of the school. For example, PTA does not involve only those who have children who attend school for their activities. PTA should also involve non-parent community members in order to assist in the PTA program in Malaysia. There are many members of the Malaysian community comprising those who have no children, children who have finished school or are still single who may be interested in social activities. Therefore it is up to the leadership of the PIBG to carry out their respective functions and the role of their position within the association.

According to a review by Nik Abdul Rashid Malaysia is a country that has many different races and social backgrounds. This causes where some of the parents are rich and some parents which are the poor who cannot read or write. Thus it’s up to the role of PTA to become a mediator between parents and student.

Elaborate views regarding the roles of PTA in schools.

Interview five teachers find out what its impact on schools if PTA is truly active and helpful.

For this assignment, the interview will be conducted by teachers in around different school around Sarawak, Malaysia.

PTA roles at schools

To start off we must first look at the roles of PTA in other parts of the world. Firstly, PTA has developed major roles in other parts of the world. For example, In America PTA was founded in the year 1897 where its mission is to make very child potential into a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate all the children in America. (“History – About PTA | National PTA”, n.d.)

As the largest volunteer child advocacy organization in America, it has established a programme and called for legislation which improves the lives of children. For 120 years, the PTA has helped America in many different ways such as child labor laws which, universal kindergarten, the National School Lunch Programme to help those children in poverty and the juvenile justice system. Additionally, Florida state PTA and local PTA has also played a huge role in defeating a state legislation which allows corporate interest to take over public schools which keeps out children education being abuse by corporate in America. This is all accomplished by American PTA where its impact which is still felt until this day that helps protect the rights of children in America. PTA in Malaysia has played a major role in creating a collaboration to build a sense of shared responsibility and put in an effort to improve the quality of teachers ‘teaching and pupils’ learning in schools, as well as enhancing co-operation and partnership between school, parents and the community (school home community partnership). Furthermore, PTA basic role in school is a platform for parents to establish a forum and service as a welfare and keeping track of the progress of pupils at the school.

Additionally PTA connects various educational institution that allows parents and teachers at school or educational institution to exchange ideas and information about the lesson generally taught in that school. This allows parents to know what is going on in schools and is more aware of the situation that was going on in the school. This provides many opportunities for teachers and parents at the school or educational institution to negotiate with each other regarding how to improve the standard of their children’s education. In addition, PTA is also in charge of organizing activities that can increase the students’ interest in learning and achieve excellent results by holding motivational programs, seminars, and workshops (ROHANI, 2012). With such programs, it will indirectly provide students with awareness and encouragement to learn and succeed. PTA also serves to help the school handle problematic students by collaborating with moral rehabilitation programs, spirit building camps and counseling sessions aimed at creating awareness, and enthusiasm for learning and success in the lesson. This not only reduces discipline problems in schools but can improve the academic performance of students which will help the well being of the school and students. On the other hand, PTA played a role in giving scholarships or allowances to students who achieved excellent results as this will give incentive towards other students to strive better. In times of difficulty between parents and teachers, PTA would play a role as a middleman to solve any dispute arises in the school.

As a teacher faces many responsibilities in their daily lives sometime teacher may also lose their tempered when facing problematic students and students who need special care. This would cause many problems as this would cause anger between teachers and parents that would not benefit either side. In the worst case scenario cases like this may end up in a court case which will ruin the reputation of the school. To avoid cases like PTA will try to help solve the problem and persuade parents and teachers to reach a mutual agreement. PTA in various Malaysia school also played a role in Open Day more known as Hari permuafakatan is an event which enables parents and teacher to meet each other for one day. (NORZALINA, 2011)Usually, this is the only chance as parents have their own responsibility and too busy with their own problems. Because of that reason, PTA has established an Open Day just for parents to understand the current situation faced by the school and academic performance of their children.

This programme enables teachers to strengthen the bond between parents and students and encourage their children to be more proactive in their studies. Furthermore, this activity provides an exchange of opinions from both sides to help improve the quality of education in the school. PTA in Malaysia also played a crucial role in Islamic Studies which is more known as Pendidikan Islam in school around Malaysia(Azizah et al., n.d.). As Malaysia is a developing Islamic country PTA in Malaysia has done many activities to improve the understanding of Islam based on the teaching of Al-Quran and Sunnah. As Islam is a beautiful religion, it can’t be denied that it must be practiced in our daily lives. As once the Great Prophet Nabi Muhammad Saw once said: “If You Show Mercy To Those Who Are on Earth, He Who Is In The Heaven Will Show Mercy To You.” .Thus, it is important for Muslim and even non-Muslim to understand that Islam is a peaceful religion, compassionate and perfect in every way compared to the western media that portray Islam as a terrorist religion which wants to destroy the world. For that reason, PTA in Malaysia accordance to the curriculum prepared by Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (JAIS) prepared syllabus so that to improve the image of Islam and improve understanding toward Islam to students who still don’t understand the religion. This role played by PTA is especially important as secularism and Western influence is on the rise which teaches children and teenagers nowadays to be rebellious, free from any religious teaching, wear indecent dressing and sex before marriage. That is the reason that PTA must always be vigilant and hold campaigns so that to help students to be more aware of the toxic influence which can destroy a country value and culture.

Impact to schools if PTA is truly active and helpful

For this assignment, I will be interviewing 5 teachers regarding PTA in 5 different schools to show the different impact PTA has played in different school around Sarawak. The report is divided into 5 parts which are the teacher background, PTA activities that have been done, Teachers relationship between parents, the effectiveness of PTA in different schools and problems faced by PTA and teachers.

Teachers Background

The first teacher background is from SMK Kuching High, age 30 years old, a pseudo name would be Mr. Bong which teaches science.

The second teacher is from SJK (C) Chung Hua Spaoh, a pseudo name would be Miss Chua which teaches Mandarin and Mathematics.

The third teacher is from SMK Saint Teresa, age 55 years old, a pseudo name would be Miss Tan which teaches Mathematics (Form 3).

The fourth teacher is from SMK Betong, age 54 years old pseudo name would be Mr.Lai which teaches Moral Studies and Civic education.

The fifth teacher is from SMK Green Road, a pseudo name would be Mr.Lau, age 54 years old which teaches Biology.

PTA activities have been done in different schools According to the first teacher Mr. Bong from SMK Kuching High, there are many different activities which have been held such as fundraising activities like Jogathon and concert night. In the interview I found out that Kuching High had an incident where a fire was razed on 2 December 2008 afternoon where a staff notice smoke billowing from the Red Crescent Society In about 40 minutes the fire had engulfed much of its science laboratory, books, facilities, two-storey administration block that includes principal room, staff room, administration room, library, meeting room for staff and students activities was all burned into oblivion. To help with the recovery of the PTA, Teochew Association, Sarawak State Government held various activities to fund what was lost in the fire. Clearly, the role of PTA in Kuching High was certainly presence and the effect was still felt until today. The Jogathon which was held on 25 July 2009 by the PTA collected around RM17000 which helps rebuilt SMK Kuching High infrastructure.

Other PTA activities such as Open day in school to discuss student performance, sponsorship of teaching aids and year-end dinner for graduating students etc. The second teacher Miss Chua from SJK (C) Chung Hua Spaoh held activities such as Charity sales and Jogathon. In the interview, I found out that the PTA in that school had organized a project called “Simen Ferro” which involve the active participation of students and parents. This collaboration event is considered to be the most successful as it manages to improve the relationship between teachers, parents, and student. Furthermore, a talk regarding health by Betong hospital was found to have a major impact as it gives awareness to other students majorly lives in the rural area. The third teacher is from SMK Saint Teresa held activities such as helping students for their basic needs. As SMK Saint Teresa is an all-girls school it is necessary for PTA to take care of their basic needs such as basic sanitary, clothes, books and etc.PTA in SMK Saint Teresa is also responsible for discipline students who had issues and taking care welfare of the students. The fourth teacher is from SMK Betong held activities like open day which encourages student and parents to discuss the meeting. An annual meeting called mesyuarat Agong is held by the end of its year. The fifth teacher is from SMK Green Road held activities such as excellence student day, Open day, Sports Day to spread awareness of health issues. Hari Malaysia was held for students to be proud as a Malaysians.

The Relationship of Parents and Teachers Generally, most of the school agree that PTA in Malaysia has done a great job in maintaining a good relationship between parents and students. In the interview, all teachers had no problem with PTA role in maintaining as a middleman between parents and teachers. However, Mr.Lai from SMK Betong felt the relationship between teachers and parents in their school generally average as SMK Betong is a rural area he found out that PTA role was almost non-existence in the maintaining relationship between parents and students.

The effectiveness of PTA in Malaysia In the interview, all the 5 schools have proven that PTA is effective as an organization in maintaining the relationship between parents and teachers. This proves that PTA is an institution that is crucial in every school. However financially, there is a school who are not pleased with the result of PTA. Mr. Lau from SMK Betong among many years of his experience PTA was still lacking as SMK Betong is an outskirt school. As SMK Betong is an outskirt school there are many poor families and middle-class students who had a huge financial constraint which lead them not coming to school. Usually, if the students did not come to school because of helping out parents as most of them are farmers or hard laborers. Miss Tan from SMK Saint Teresa was pleased as PTA help the school financially and gave a recommendation that PTA should help the school directly and indirectly in terms of management, financial and other activities held by the school. The remaining three teachers agreed that PTA is generally effective in helping schools with any problem they have. If any problem arises PTA is always there looking after the school. Based on the interview it is clear that PTA in various school manage to get the job done.

Problems with PTA

In this interview, they were multiple answers on whether PTA is efficient as an association on solving issues. They were 2 teachers from SMK Kuching High and SMK Betong who think that PTA in their school is not efficient as an association as they were very inactive solving problems the school faced and tend to avoid conflict when an issue arises. Mr.Lai from SMK Betong found out that some parents were not co-operative in executing PTA and cause many interruptions. As a result, this causes many activities to be canceled or not what he was expecting. PTA in SMK Betong was also found out to be very ineffective in problem-solving for the school. For example, PTA seldom conducts a meeting which is crucial for the development of the school and very few parents really attend the meeting. As PTA role was lacking in SMK Betong this causes parents not so keen on involving themselves activities that were held by the school. On the other hand, 3 teachers from SMK Saint Teresa, SJK (C) Chung Hua Spaoh and SMK Green Road think that generally PTA is effective in problem-solving and faced any conflict arises. Even though they agreed that the role of PTA is excellent there are still some parents who only put their name but never involve in the activities carried out by the school.

In conclusion, PTA has played a major role in school with various background, socioeconomic and activities.

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