Part of Nursing in Inter-Professional Communication and Teamwork

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Specialty Nursing Role in Interpersonal Communication and Teamwork

The role of nurses in the healthcare’s has evolved and become more progressive in various specialties since nurses are exposed to several advances in research and technology. Communication by nurses is very vital since it ensures the exchange of ideas, thoughts, feelings, and information among people in the healthcare settings. Similarly, teamwork in the healthcare settings is very significant as it enables active communication and endorses a constructive patient outcome. This paper, therefore, seeks to discuss the role of specialty nursing in inter-professional communication and teamwork.

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Inter-professional communication in nursing is essential in the healthcare environments. The connection is vital since it brings harmony in the healthcare settings through the exchange of ideas, feelings, thoughts, and information. The understanding of the specialty language, technical and procedural knowledge, as well as the compliance to the guiding principles and policies in the healthcare setting, are empirical elements. Different circumstances that need the aptitude to make the significance of a patient's condition are encountered on a daily basis. Therefore, I think nurses should be actively involved in this whole process of engaging in meaning relationships with the patients.

Principally, my role in the inter-professional team is acting as the patient's advocate and teacher, being the caregiver, provision of empathy to the patients and ensuring the provision of quality and adequate health care to the patients. Patients need to be taken care of thus my role will be providing quality nursing care to the patients as well as providing a socially, compassionate, and holistic attention to all the patients under my supervision (Hamlin, Richardon-Tench, & Davies, 2016). As a nurse, I hold the obligation of guaranteeing restoration of the well-being of my patients and the improvement of the quality of their life (Haley, 2016). As a result, the recognition of a patient’s health as a vital part of their wellbeing is essential. The ultimate goal of a nurse should be striving to achieve good health.

The combination of the learned skills with teamwork, collaboration, and effective communication by a nurse for the achievement of a safe patient outcome is significant. Nursing regulators ensure that professional standards of practice are followed in palliative and end-of-life attention across the field. The nursing policymakers have the responsibility of promoting, developing, and supporting for pre-emptive policies of the issues in the healthcare settings. Communication skills are essential in the inter-professional teams within the healthcare settings (Matzo & Sherman, 2015). It helps nurse in the explanation of treatment, diagnosis, and treatment, communicating with other healthcare professionals, educating patients on proper exercise and diet and explaining of medications to the patients. Our communication in the healthcare setting with other inter-professional team involves honesty with patients, taking into consideration of the cultural background of the patients and ensuring we are always responsive and available to the patients.

To improve the inter-professional communication in the healthcare settings, I will ensure the following. Firstly, I will offer timely information and remain polite and respectful. Secondly, I will be communicating openly and provide adequate information through notifying the appropriate healthcare provider concerning the patient’s condition. Thirdly, I will respond appropriately to other healthcare specialists and review any notes from nurses or any other professional in the healthcare (Berman et al., 2015). Lastly, I will be using the specific communication tools such as the surgical safety checklist.

The basic health care teams have become an integral part of the modern healthcare systems. The group enables a health care professionals and patients to share the required expertise for the making of viable decisions. Effective teams ensure the promotion of efficient coordination among different professionals and the key stakeholders to provide quality care is given to the patients. In the healthcare setting, I am involved in the care nursing team where the crucial role of the team is ensuring quality care is given to the patients.

To improve the teamwork within my specialty, effective communication needs to be initiated to build respectful, meaningful, and cooperative relationships. I am a contributor to my team where I always ensure the maintenance of adequate goals in the team by performing the essential tasks required to be done. I give the support to my team leader by using my interpersonal communication skills to develop a collaborative team and cooperative relationships.

Inter-professional teamwork ensures the practice of approaching of the patients cares from a team-based perspective. When the professionals in the healthcare setting work toward the achievement of a shared goal and objectives that focuses on the patients, the quality of care, the patient outcomes and the cost of delivery care are all optimized. Healthcare providers should ensure efficient communication in their settings to ensure focus is made on the patient as a whole but not as a specific treatment. Notably, it is imperative for nurses to play a critical role in the inter-professional teams to ensure they offer their vital and a unique perspective. When the health care providers classify themselves as a basic part of a bigger inter-professional team other than just learning about their discipline-specific roles, patients will be able to receive quality healthcare. The ultimate goal of a nurse should be striving to achieve good health for the patients.

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