Passion for Agatha Christie Or and then There Were None

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My first impression from this book was a bit vague because I saw the movie a couple of years ago. I could not remember every person or character. I could remember the faun named Tumnus and I could remember Lucy! Reading the first chapters reminded me the way Tumnus and Lucy met.

Can you imagine walking through a closet and suddenly you are in a dream world called Narnia? For children from seven to twelve, this is important because according to Children who read this book will experience a dream. When finishing this book children go back to the real world but still, they must feel as if they are dreaming for a while.

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It is impressive to see children entering a new scary cold world. Winter is ruling all the time because of the white witch. When children enter Narnia they think and act like children do. I can imagine this must be very hard for them without adults or parents who support them, especially when children face mythical personalities or animals that talk. Edmund is enchanted by the white witch and he must hand in the remaining children to her. This is well written because we all are familiar that we can buy the innocence of children with candies or promises. Think about malicious adults in our modern world. Edmund as a child is not feeling well when things are going wrong. I think Edmund has a strong character!

During the in-class discussion, we talked about patterns. This took a while because we could not find patterns instantly. The first pattern was entering the closet but also leaving the closet. The second pattern was, not believing characters, for example, the youngest character which is Lucy.

We also talked about conflicts. At first, we have Lucy who discovers the wardrobe and informs the others. None of the children believe her. We have Edmund dealing with himself and his loyalty. Then we have the other children who have to deal with Edmund. They think Edmund has turned evil but is he really evil? Finally, we have the conflict between the white witch and the children.

The age suitability are children from seven to eleven years old. In this story, a lot of children have to leave London because of the Second World War. Children move to the countryside without their parents and children have to make decisions on their own. According to The mentioned target group have to deal with new situations as children have to in real-life. In this book, we don't have parents who support the children during their adventures in Narnia. explains that In youth literature, this is important because children have to explore the world themselves. There are no characters to identify with. The only person I have been thinking about is Edmund. I don't know what I would have done if I were Edmund? This book was a real page-turner. I liked this book because it brings you to a phantasy world you don't want to leave.

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