Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr) Biography, Family Life and Other Facts

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Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr) Biography, Family Life And Other Facts

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Make-ups are always considered the ladies’ thing and men who find pleasure in cosmetics as much as the ladies do must really be special breeds. In our world today, we have more men who wear makeups than ever before and a few more have successfully turned it into a lucrative business thereby making huge sum from it. Patrick Simondac popularly known as Patrick Starrr is one of such people. The Filipino-American is a professional freelance photographer and makeup artist who eventually turned his passion into a real business. With a Youtube channel that has over a million followers, Starr has earned for himself a huge fame and wealth in such a way that we could not but include him in the list of young online business moguls of our time. His Youtube videos are good proofs of how amazing he can be as an artist. Read on as we unveil to you more interesting facts about the makeup artist and vlogger Patrick Simondac.

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Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr) Biography Currently based in Los Angeles, California, Patrick Starrr was born on November 11, 1989. He was born in the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida where his parents lived and raised him alongside his two siblings, after immigrating from the Phillippines. Unlike those who accidentally ventured into the beauty industry basically to make a living, Starrr’s love for the profession started way back from his childhood days. TV programs like The Swan, Next Top Model, and Miss Universe also helped boost his love for makeups. He, however, took a bold step towards achieving his inner passion and talent for makeup after high school, while working as a freelance photographer with Panera. In the process of taking photographs, Starr would make his clients up and sometimes style their hair. In his “Get to Know Me” Starr said while growing up, he had dreamt of becoming a nurse and not as a makeup artist that he finally ended in. He even went ahead to study nursing in his undergraduate years. As a Filipino, Starr cannot speak but he understands his native language quite well.

Patric’s rise to fame wasn’t quite unusual. He took the beauty industry by storm after he launched a Youtube channel where he posted beauty related videos one of which is The Power of Makeup where he unravelled ways makeups can be used to enhance the facial beauty. Prior to this time, Patrick worked at MAC cosmetics where he learnt how to use different kinds of makeup materials like mascara and eyebrow powder. On February 26, 2013, he formally began a YouTube career where he dedicated much of his time coaching young ladies on makeup tips. Some of his tutorials videos include Katy Perry 1Makeup Tutorial and My Wedding Makeup Tutorial. Patrik has also done makeups for a good number of celebrities including the singer and actress Ashley Tisdale, world’s famous dancer Maddie Ziegler and the famous reality star Kim Kardashian. Between August 2017 and 2018, his Kim Kardashian West makeup Tutorial became his YouTube channel’s most popular video with over 12 million views.

Patrick Simondac is the oldest of three children born to his parents who are both Filipinos. The names of his two brothers are Peter and Paul. They were trained to be Catholic Filipino boys by their disciplinarian parents. His mom is a nurse while his father is a businessman. They both decided to support their son’s newly found career after they tried individually to convince him to pursue his earlier dream of becoming a nurse. While growing, young Simondac used to follow his father to play golf. He also enjoys swimming and playing tennis. Other Facts About Patrick Simondac (Patrick Starrr) Patrick is a good pianist. He studied ad teach classical piano and sometimes, he accompanies his friends on musical concerts or competitions. He became famous for the first time after the death of a YouTube star and cancer patient Talia Joy. At Joy’s death, Starr happened to be mentioned in one of the latest videos she posted. In fact, she made mention of Starrr’s eyeliner and red lip video and t thus drew her over one million followers’ attention to him and his online business. Patrick Simondac launched his makeup collaboration with MAC Cosmetics on the 6th of November, 2017. As an ambitious multitasking businessman that he is, Starr ventured into music with music video Got the Glam, uploaded in June 2018, being his first music.

The music has over two million views and it’s still counting. Starr is a Beauty award-winner at the 2017 Streamy Awards Standing 5 Feet 10 inches tall, Starrr identifies as a male makeup artist as against the popular notion of him being a lady. With a growing net worth of about $300,000, Patrick Starrr has over 4 million followers on his Instagram page. He also has over 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, while his Facebook and Twitter page has over four thousand and five thousand likes and followers, respectively. All you need to know about Patrick Simondac, the Filipino-American beautician and YouTube star popularly known as Patrick Starrr.

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