Patriotism and What Does It Mean to Love Your Country in America

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As most people know, the USA is the best nation on the planet as a result of assorted variety, opportunity, and place where there are openings. According to our constitution James Madison was genius The Declaration of Independence is only most significant piece for me of American writing. The reason the majority of people in America think they’re so great is that they don’t know much about other countries.

Most Americans are in love with the feeling that America is the best nation on the planet. Also, most individuals living abroad can let you know, it isn't the best nation for some different reasons. 'Each age envisions itself to be cleverer than the one that went before it, and smarter than the one that comes after it. “Every generation imagines itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it, and wiser than the one that comes after it.” --George Orwell.

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You can love your country, while at the same time point out flaws that need to be fixed. The reason the majority of people in America think they’re so great is that they don’t know much about other countries. But perhaps the reason most Americans think the USA is the best country. It is because they believe a leader must be a superior race, an excellent nation when most others are just happy being their part of the world. My opinion is our government should focus on the problems and our infrastructure of America. Before we stick our nose in other country business around the world, let's make America great again. Start by working on our problems at home first. Being glad for having been conceived, or living, on a specific bit of the Earth's covering is, as I would like to think, an exceptionally restricted mentality. However, to be reasonable, we are somewhat youthful animal groups. Perhaps, at some point, we'll be better if we don't wind up decimating ourselves first.

This why America will never change because the first step in solving a problem recognizes there is one. The American government will never admit to their flaws, their mistakes, their wrongdoings. Let's take our mass shooting problems for instance. The government refuses to believe their gun laws have any link and refuse to give up their so-called freedom to own a gun. So, most Americans will never vote against tightening gun control therefor guns will forever be made accessible to hold access to any ole nut. People and their smartphones. Rather than getting involved and taking a stand, they are too damn interested what today's Facebook meme is or what some idiot tweets. If we are not all obsessed and brainwashed with those things and more importantly, distracted, we would be waking up to the crap that is going on around us! For many colored people, this country is a police state ridden with government corruption. 

Fight a political based war for money, greed, and forcing democracy down people’s throats, and in turn killing thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians everywhere the U.S. war machine steps foot. Government military spending through the roof when we have far greater issues with spending money on in this country. The government tells you to go on to serve our country at 18 years old and risk your life. But at 18 years old, you cannot drink alcohol, or get an education that will most likely lead you nowhere with piles of student loan debt. Society has lied to you. The police that is supposed to protect you will take every opportunity they can to act like they are above the law and abuse their power. The government that is supposed to serve the people more often punishes and regulates everything they will not put more money in their pockets and big corporations. The educational loan also is a big scam from the government that is supposed to guarantee you a job if you work hard and get a college degree. But it laughs at you as you sink deeper and deeper into debt with no high paying job to support you.

In conclusion, in my opinion, the greatest country or not I love this country and the American people, this country saved me from a bad life and given me a better life then other countries can offer. 

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