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Paulo Almerico And His Vacation Home

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A “vacation home” requires many different things. It has to feel like home and represent you as a person. It needs to match the area it is surrounded by. It should make you feel comfortable and happy and needs to be livable. A “vacation home” is a second home and it should be built to perfection so it can represent what you feel is home.

Palladio’s Villa Rotunda was built as a square being completely symmetrical. It possessed four facades and a dome covering the central hall. Palladio used this square and circle to create what he viewed as harmony and balance. Paulo Almerico was the one who commission Palladio to build this “vacation home.” Almerico was looking to get out of the city and retire to the countryside. Palladio used what he knew about Almerico and showed that off in the Villa Rotunda. Almerico was a highly religious man so hos new “vacation home” reflected that in that it looked more like a church than a home. The vibrant paintings on the inside all had a religious connotation, making a connection to the part of Almerico’s life that he cherished so deeply.

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Le Corbusier’s Villa Savoye required “pilotis (slender columns) to raise the building off the ground and allow air to circulate beneath; roof terraces, to bring nature into an urban setting; a free plan that allowed interior space to be distributed at will; a free façade whose smooth plane could be used for formal experimentation; and ribbon windows, which let in light but also reinforced the planarity of the wall (khanacademy). It is also made of reinforced concrete. The Savoye family who commissioned the home required a timber parquet flooring in all of the bedrooms. Le Corbusier also made accommodations for the family’s large sedan by make the right driveway loop around the main doorway and centered the back glass façade.

Frank Wright’s Fallingwater is built from nature including cantilevered ledges, “liberal use of glass (khanacademy), corner turning windows, and stone for the columns and fireplace. entire home was built for nature. Edgar Kaufmann Jr. commissioned the Fallingwater as a weekend home out in the country. Wright decided to take it one step further by making the home be a part of nature rather than being built among nature. He even bent a trellis beam in the home to make room for a tree that had lived there. He works with the stream by the house as well making it seem like it is flowing through rather than beside the house.

All three architects made the home they built connect with the commissioners in some way. They were given a task and a list of requirements and took them a step further to made the buildings into homes rather than just living spaces. The difference among them is how they did it. Palladio did it by incorporating his commissioner’s life work into his home. The entire home is church-like because his commissioner dedicated his life to religion. Le Corbusier did it by making the roof a garden and terrace and making large windows and facades so that the nature of the home was not lost. The family wanted a relaxing summer home so Le Corbusier made sure that wherever they were in the home they knew it was summer. Finally, Wright did it by making the home a part of nature. His commissioner wanted a summer home out in the country surrounded by nature so Wright built a natural home that had a stream basically flowing through the house and had the house built around a preexisting tree.


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