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To introduce performance, pay system for the Kiwi sheepskin company in Japan Kotter’s eight stage change model is effective choice due to the cultural impact. According to Hofstede insight Japan has high percentage in Masculinity, uncertainty avoidance and long-term orientation. This model works in the similar way that start from planning, decision making, organising, recruiting and at last implementation by securing the future.

  1. Create Urgency- Japanese accept high uncertainty rate by dealing with risks. But they are future oriented. In fashion world they are in the topmost countries. They decide in advance about their future goals. If kiwi sheepskin company want to introduce change in pay performance, in advance they introduce situation of change to meet the demand as change in technology. Statistics of market change also reveal the current position in competitive world (Botelho & Leng, 2010)
  2. Form a powerful coalition- For the acceptance of change in this New Zealand company select the proper leadership team to convince the people in appropriate way. Japanese are very different if we compare it with other developed nations like U.S.A. So, there is need to diversify this information to everyone. ( Vikrant, et al., 2016)
  3. Create a vision for change- Kiwi sheepskin company can also compete with this change by introducing a social, environmental and cultural changes which effect the market globally. They can also create awareness about the self-image of the country. Introduce the concept of Glocalization ( link between global and local market) to public so that they grasp it easily (Kotter, 2012)
  4. Communicate the vision- Pay system also effects if leaders transfer the idea to customers in positive way. In Japan, people are not easily ready to spend their money. They need motivation because according to Hofstede insight they have very low percentage in indulgence (Lee & Herold, 2016)
  5. Remove obstacles- Firstly here leader should make all things clear to consumer. Review the current situation with older one to make any difference. Japan is in between in the case of power distance. That means percentage of power distance is 54. Due to less Power distance, distribution of power is unequal. Power is only in the hands of superiors and subordinates. So, it is task of employee to take care of concept and deliver it on all stages (Lee & Herold, 2016)
  6. Create short term wins- Short term wins are must to show the about good position of brand. But in case of Japan, people are long term oriented. They are not impressed from this type of wins. But still to create trust on kiwi sheepskin, this is good opportunity to create trust and helpful to reveal proper position.
  7. Build on the change- At this stage, organisation will aware about their faults. So, to improve there pay system they can even change the structure or way of marketing or any other aspect. If kiwi sheepskin is happy from performance, they even can promote the employee or improve the pay for good job. (Tillman, 2003)
  8. Anchor the changes into corporate culture- At last, employees have need to high set up of their performance to compete with others. In Japan, Masculinity is on highest position. One of the report said that it is even highest in the world. Mostly in this country competition is hard in between the groups. So, it is necessary for ever team to think about their individual performance to make the team better. Because it will affect their personal value too. (Bergiel, Bergiel, & Upson, 2012) Barriers With change in pay system following are the barriers with comes in the way of Kiwisheepskin company:
  • Most of policies which are adapted by employees are pre-decided in Japan. It makes the situation complicated for staff members to improve their performance to match with the change in pay performance by the company. So, on stage second and third there is complication for the employees of kiwisheepskin.
  • People of Japan are not ready to spend money on any new business which have already many other competitors. This is due to low percentage of Japan in Indulgence.
  • Head quarter of Kiwi sheepskin is in Auckland. Due to that there is also communication gap between these countries.
  • Staff of Japan (due to low score in Individualism) also not ready to face the shame. That is the biggest reason which affect them with the change in the pay roll system. Recommendations To overcome these barriers following are some solutions which need to apply according to the demand of situation.
  • Freedom should be must for the staff. So that they also participate in the planning process according to the situation. Because change in the kiwisheepskin is based on the individual’s performance. So, there is also requirement to change the culture to this country with globalisation.
  • Even staff of kiwisheepskin have same effect of Indulgence like other population. Motivate them by offering some incentives, awards and other gifts and tell them about increase in pay if they are successful to impress the customers.
  • Communication is the base of every business entity. Either top management of kiwisheepskin is in link with the help of technology but there is must to settle the meetings and parties for the leaders of company.
  • Japanese worker’s performance is not at good standard as an individual. But new change in the pay is dependent on individual’s performance. So, they should need to change their minds, culture and ethics for better future in kiwisheepskin company.

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