Paying for College: College is Too Expensive


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Students around the entire world suffer from having to pay for college. Many drown in thousands of dollars of debt and are left paying on school for years. This is a subject we have been fighting for years. The government just will not listen and people are starting to become agitaited. They do not understand how expensive and how much people have to give up just to go to college to get an education so they can get a job. My main argument is that students cannot buy or drink alcohol at eighteen, but can drown in thousands of dollars in debt. The simple question of should students have to pay for college, deserves a lot more than a yes or no answer. We need to look at every aspect of the situation, the pros, cons, alternatives, benefits, and drawbacks.

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Nearly everyone in America agrees that education is one of the biggest and most beneficial and important things that we can have. Although some people might believe that higher education and college is working fine right now, there are so many struggling in today’s world and in the past with this financial crisis. Trying to solve the money situation would help so many. In 1785, John Adams wrote: “The whole people must take upon themselves the education of the whole people and must be willing to bear the expense of it.” Though this is true, this was said many years ago and so much has changed. The expenses of college and any higher education has become a lot more expensive. Believe it or not, college had been free back then, only because there were few that actually attended college. Once more wanted to attend college was when tuition and cost for enrollment grew higher. Paying for college has been going on for years, but ends up getting more expensive depending on what type of college someone goes to. It is crazy to think how much money has changed throughout today’s world, it is so much more valuable and useful than it was back then. College had become more expensive and that’s when many people started to back off and even forget about the thought of getting a higher education because they knew they would not be able to afford it. At one point elementary eduaction and high school education were not even free! Free education in this country has been a process of evolution and free college is the next step. College education has become so much more relevant in today’s world than it was back then, and they made college not free way back then, when it was barely even revelant for the jobs they had. In today’s world if students did not have such massive student loan debt they could contribute so much more into the economy.

College is so expensive and is definitly one of the main problems in today’s world. So many cannot afford college, so they do not go to college, which means there are very few job opportunites. In saying this, many may be homeless or are in need of public assistance. When making college less expensive that could drop the rate of people who are homeless and in need of public assisance. In making college less expensive this could also help the students focus more on their education and school work and worry less about scraping up money that they can use for tutition and other college expenses. Graduating with high amounts of college debt has been shown to reduce a person’s chance of owning a house, getting married, having children, and even just simply having any money. Some economists believe that every American who wants to go to college for free could, if the federal government and states made a few reasonable changes. There are countries all over the world that provide free college, the question is, why can’t America? Other programs around the country have found that it is actually beneficial to have free college. The impact has been very positive, the rate of people graduating with a college-level degreee has grown rapidly. Also students who could not afford college has grown and has increased their probability of attending and completing a four-year college. Leaving students with so much student loan debt does not leave them very much money to contribute into the economy.

Opponents of free college tend to believe that this idea would simpy be too expensive for the government and federal states to handle long term. As a result, people would have to pay much higher taxes. Doing this could really hurt the economy since people would have less money to invest and spend. If we had free college, more than likely there would be tons of students wanting to attend college. Colleges would probably end up having waiting lists or have to expand the ones they already have because so many students would likely be wanting to get in. State budgets could become drained and lead to budget cuts or decreased programs that students might have wanted to take. Public colleges and universities could become less worried about wasteful money, since they won’t have to compete with other schools over costs. Even though tuition would be free there are still so many other expenses students would still have to deal with. There are college books, which get up to sometimes three hundred dollars, which is insane. There are also living expenses if a student lives off campus, and of course food and water. Students could become more careless about school and their work because they do not have to be paying for it. Graduation numbers could drop or the people who do graduate may not be prepared for the workforce like they should be because they did not pay attention when they needed to. One of the things I do not understand, and instead of making college less expensive we can always make it to where even people with parents that have a somewhat high income or an income that barely does not pass the point to where we can’t get finacial aid, change that point and make to where if someone really needs it they can get it. Then there is also students whose parents are divorced and they get free college, I honestly do not find that fair. Some divorced families are on good terms and could easily probably pay for some of the college. I can understand that if someone was in foster care that they get free college because they might not have a stable family that they are living with, financially or mentally stable, whatever the situation.

College is probably the most expensive thing someone will have to pay for in their life. When asked the simple question if students should have to pay for college, it is not a simple yes or no question. Given the right information and really studying this topic really get someone thinking and wondering about what’s actually going on and where our money goes to. The government thinks my family and many other families in this situation make enough money to pay for college when we really do not. The government does not understand that some parents have more than one kid that they have to pay for and so many other expenses. Most parents cannot afford college for their kids, but maybe with some financial aid and scholarships for those who have somewhat high incomes, but are lower class citizens could eventually get some money, that would help so much. There are so many pros, cons, alternatives, benefits, and drawbacks of this discussion. One of the most important outcomes of college is learning how to learn. By learning how to learn, this helps graduates not only be ready for their career, but to be able to change careers as the world changes around them. No matter how much we fight and how much solid information and facts we give the government, I think this subject will never get solved and students will continue to drown in thousands of dollars of debt.        

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