Paying Taxes is Our Duty


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Taxes help the government operate and work out and really make the economy thrive. Taxes usually increase over the years and some citizens do not abide by the law of this civic duty. Taxes can be hard to pay but it’s a big price of having to do civic duties if you’re in the United States. Taxes help with most budgeting from the government. Taxes are an essential part of the government operating and are fundamental.


Medicare is a huge service that taxes pay for and is beneficial to a lot of people in the United States. Many people that are either poor or in a bad spot in life really need this kind of healthcare and without it, many people would pass away or be badly harmed and not fully taken care of. Americans that do not pay their taxes for medicare are looked at as bad and this is something huge that is against the law. Taxes really are set on helping other Americans out and is essential to the economy because its making sure that everyone can afford to have insurance and still purchase and receive other things as well. Funding needs to be a part of everything that is a need in the economy, or else it will drop.

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Roadwork is another huge occupation and service that needs to be provided with taxes. The roads that everyone drives on rather it be a bus, motorcycle, truck, or car is an essential part of the economy and everyday life of people in America. Most everyone can agree that the more funding or taxes that are put into roadwork are crucial because the outcome is less damage to their vehicles. The potholes can get very large which is a major problem with slowing vehicles down to go under the speed limit, cause a lot of damage on the vehicles with tires and other parts, and put drivers in a huge amount of danger. Every American citizen needs to put taxes into roadwork to pay for workers along with the supplies for the work.


School systems are one of the most crucial things that taxes can pay for and remain one of the biggest parts of the economy. Schools provide education, responsibility, and get students prepared for the real world. Tax payers are designated by district to pay for the funding that goes into each and every school. A lot of people would argue that a lot of students go to other schools because its school of choice and that they do not want to fund people outside of the district but this is not a valid reason to get out of taxes. Education is the main foundation for the younger generation to be able to learn and adapt to things to really understand and prepare for a job. Without schooling students would not be prepared and less taxes would really go into the government therefore there would be a huge loss.


Taxes are always needed and no one in America should be allowed to get out of having their civic duty to have to pay them. Anyone who says taxes are irresponsible and think that they should not be allowed is wrongful. Taxes have to be provided and paid or else no funding would be in any government or state owned facilities. In order for Americans to have jobs, benefits, and needs they have an obligated need to pay their taxes. Many people are poor, but its still no excuse to not pay their taxes or make random observations on why they shouldn’t. Taxes end up being beneficial to everyone in one way or another and you can not escape a civic duty. Taxes are an essential part of the government operating and are fundamental.

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