Peace Must Be Given a Chance

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Peace is a global phenomenon which may not be established into parts. It is a chain which passes from every department of a state. It travels from one state to another state and when chain completes its length and breath peace takes birth. Distoration in any one piece of chain disturbs the entire cycle of peace. No doubt, the peace remains enforced in parts but simulatenously it also feels threatened from a piece of land where it has lost its roots. For establishing, maintenance and restoration of peace, internal and external forces work at the same time. These both categories contain components of perception, policies and planning. These further include economic, political and strategic etc.

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The erruption of a problem or an issue may not be controlled only by establishing regional or international organization or making bilateral or mutlilateral efforts. It needs collective efforts and approach. A war has never produced solution of a problem. It has increased or decreased the level of bargaining on discussion table.

There are number of steps required for solving a problem. Firstly, it is necessary to assess the genuine reasons of the problem. Secondly, situation analysis is required. Third step is, to listen and understand the warrying parties of the problem. Fourthly, is assessing the nature of the problem for determining the possible course of solution of the problem. It means whether the problem has local or regional or internatioanl factros and implications. Fifthly, according to the nature of the problem possible avenue may be opted for resolving the problem.

Here some other elements are also required to be taken into consideration. Firstly, the wish of the warrying parties is required to proceed for the restoration of peace. Without it, efforts may be initiated but attempt may prove futile resulting loss of human lives and proeprty. Secondly, it is also required to protect genuine demands of the parties involved in the problem. Thirdly, every party must be heard in a way that it may not feel ignored. Fourthly, the parties must be convinced to stop fighting if any is going on. It will protect the parties from further loss. Where a problem does not involve fighting this point will remain invalid. But it must be kept in view wehther fighting may errupt in future due to initiative of resolving the problem. Lastly, all the parties must be given equal treatment in talks or discussion. Because, there will be no small or big party. Unless this fact is not accepted, the peace process may not proceed effectively. When it is determined that two or more parties matter in the problem then it means problem may remain unresolevd unless all are recognized equally and listened properly.

The United Nations replaced League of Nations after Second World War. One of the main differences of two international bodies is “Collective Responsibility”. The League of Nations lacked this principle. Some analysts opine that one of the causes of thwarting happening of Third World War is “Collective Responsibility”. It means that the member countries are equally responsible to maintain global peace order and ensure rule of law. But, the inetrnational body responsible and deputed for achieving this objective must be allowed to make efforts neutrally and without compulsion and obligations.

There are at least fifteen outstanding issues on the agenda of the United Nations. The world body has failed to resolve these problems due to its structural weaknesses to larger extent. Some faults are discussed here. Fristly, the element of permanent members of the Security Council equipped with veto power. When any move is made which is considered by the permanent member injurious to its or its ally (s) interest, the member exercises its veto 2 power. Thus, efforts lose efficacy. No doubt, sometimes, this power was exercised in the international public interest but it was also confined to personal or group interest. Secondly, the world body is deprived of teeth of enforcing the wish of the majority members on a will of an influential member. Thirdly, the world body has no independent territory for its headquarters. The delegations need visa from the U.S government to particpate in its or its subsidiary body’s session. Fourhtly, the member countries finance the budget of the inetrnational body and its efforts for peace keeping in nook and corner of the wolrd. Thus, it awlays feel threatened from its rich members. In March, 2017 the U.S hinted on reducing the U.N budget. Director of U.S office of Management and Budget said, “We're absolutely reducing funding to the UN and to the various foreign aid programs, including those run by the UN and other agencies." The U.N Generally Assembly passed resolution against the U.S decision of shifting its capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in 2017. In reaction, the U.S annoucned major reduction in its U.N budget obligations for 2018-19. It is said that the U.S provides about 22% of the U.N budget. It gives impression that an infuentail member may leave question on the performance of the United Nations.

Peace must be given a chance on the basis of merit for its duarbility and addressing the injustice properly. A discriminatory approach will not ensure peace and prosperity of the world. Ultimately, it will create happiness in the people, a real objective of existence of the mankind.

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