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Peculiarities of Culture of Nacirema

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We have discovered a new extraordinary group of beings on the blue planet. These beings are so different and interesting that they are both in Masculine form and female form. There are so many different varieties of them. Not one of them is alike. They are all different in shape, size, and forms. These beings are called Nacirema.

Since there are both masculine and feminine in their society, they tend to all hold equal power. They do have technology however, their technology is not as advanced as the technology out there. Both male and female beings contribute to their society. Not only do the male beings have elbow grease, but the female beings do as well.

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Each day when they arise to the bright yellow star, their daily ritual starts with cleansing their bodies and rejuvenating their mind-body, and soul. The Nacirema’s are really into their appearance and hygiene. The females like to paint their faces with black animal dung, which they call painted lashes and eyelids. The males use steel knives to take off excess hair from their faces, neck, and bodies. They both use bamboo and boar bristles to polish their bones in their mouths. After they finish polishing their bones in their mouths, they groom their round heads with pocky boar bristles, which seem very uncomfortable.

The Naciremas cover their bodies in strange garments for protecting them from the outside elements and to keep them warm. Also, they really like fashion, so the garments are to some used as a fashion statement, or way to cover up their insecurities. These beings then go to a cobbler to have them build protection for their feet. The cobbler is highly revered for his skill in this protection makes. The protection is necessary when one is wearing the correct diameter on each foot.

With so much attention given to the bodies of the beings, the mouth is actually considered to be the most sacred body part. The Holy-Mouth-Men practices many procedures that involve keeping the mouth and bones inside neat and clean at all times. The procedure is done at least once or twice each year, and that’s when Nacirema beings will visit a Holy-Mouth-Man to get their mouths inspected. He will inspect the teeth, gums, and lips and repair any damage that they may have. The people believe in this practice so much that even if there is no improvement, and the decay in their mouth continues to worsen upon the days they will still faithfully make their visit to the Holy-Mouth-Man for his help.

As we learn more and more about the Nacirema beings, many find it ambitious to believe that in today’s world there are still people with these beliefs. However, if you care to look closer at the rituals Naciremas perform daily, there are many similarities between what they do and what Americans do. We understand the importance of cleanliness, appearance, and how we spend hours trying to make ourselves “perfect” daily.    


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