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Pediatric Dentistry and Its Importance in the Dental Field

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Pedodontics is the branch in dentistry that deals with children. Pedodontics is also known as Pediatric Dentistry. Pediatric Dentistry is a specialty defined on age that provides primary and oral health care for small infants and children through adolescence as well as kids with special needs. They are recognized by the American Dental Association. The Pediatrician is the doctor who is in charge of managing the health of your child as well as the physical, behavior and mental issues. They are trained and educated on this specialty and that gives them special skills to take care of your child’s oral health.

A pediatrician has graduated from a dental school and has completed a 3 year program in pediatrics. Pediatrics do several procedures before furthering into the dental treatments. Some important procedures pediatrics do will be taking physical exams, as well as give your child any vaccinations, and make sure the child meets their milestones in growth, behavior and skills. They will give you information about your child’s health, and nutrition and possibly fitness needs if necessary. It is very important to ask any questions about your child’s growth and development. If any serious problems they will refer you to a specialists if they think your child needs expert care. A patient is very important to a pediatrician they will do anything in their hands to help out your child and make sure their oral health is good.

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Pedodontics are very important because they have special training in children’s health and teeth. They particularly will only see children in there practice so they have plenty of experience in recognizing and treating childhood sicknesses. As well as offer more specialized care for your child if they were born early or has any health conditions that need close monitoring. Pediatric dentistry has several stages of development for different ages. A pediatric office will not look like a regular dental office they are colorful and have a kid friendly environment. Pedodontics help by working with you, your baby’s first exam will most likely be with a hospital pediatrician which can be change to a pediatrician of your choice after the 48 to 72 hours.

Pedodontics and other dental offices use the latest versions of technology. They use several different systems as a mark of professionalism. Pediatrics use electronic health records or HER systems that allows healthcare provides to store and access patient records. Pediatricians mainly use this source of systems to document patient visits, vaccination administration, to diagnose test results and other important information. They also use devices such as personal digital assistants and tablets to record and store all of the patient’s health problems and it also helps to look up information. Some pediatricians also use growth chart software and these softwares help the pediatrician determine whether if a young patient is developing normally or abnormally and how far advanced they are.

Pedodontics have one of the most important roles in the dental field. There are various types of specialists in dentistry but none of them will care more for your little one than a pediatrician. Their offices are equipped for children of all kinds, such as the challenging patient that never likes to cooperate, some patients with special needs, other patients may have autism and others may have cerebral palsy. The manufactures provide small children scales with curved sides to prevent uncooperative infants and babies from falling while they are being weighed. Manufactures also make certain equipment designed to help children feel a bit more comfortable during several exams and procedures. They are very good at their job also do not wait until your child has a cavity to take them to a pediatrician.


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