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When I first thought of writing about literacy, I immediately began thinking about the people that helped me change my life. I felt that it would be an interesting topic to write about and express myself and my learning experiences in general in life.

When I was at the age of 14, I was still transitioning from elementary to high school and it was very difficult for me to adapt to a new environment. I wasn’t a very outgoing person at the time, and I mostly did not mind about others because I knew it was right for me to focus on myself and set aside any distractions. I remember looking at my schedule and I notice I had a class called “Academic Success”. I thought that class wasn’t going to be helpful at all but little did I know that I would take out a lot of knowledge from that class. I began to work with a program called “Legacy Leaders” and I met the most inspirational and helpful mentor. This mentor was very knowledgeable and had a lot to show me. I was quiet most of the time and he encouraged me to always participate and be engaged in conversations. He told me to always put a smile, treat others with respect and be helpful. I always took his advice and until this day I look back and realize that everything he told me was for a reason. He wanted me to be successful just like him. I will always continue to thank him because he changed the way I projected myself and until this day I’m an outgoing person and have a lot of opportunities in life.

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Another person that helped me change was my college professor. When I first arrived at college we always did icebreakers and small discussions to meet new people and get out of our comfort zones. It was not easy at first but once we started doing it more often I was already friends with most of the people in the class. This teacher was always challenging me and I love that because I had the chance to grow academically and stay proactive in my duties. I always wrote down all the tips he gave me so one day when I could look back and remember what I missed. It helps a lot when people motivate you to do your best. Whenever I came to his class I always came with a lot of energy in mind and knew that I would come out learning something new I didn’t know before.

Overall, I feel proud that these people had to change my life. I couldn’t imagine where I would be today if I didn’t e these people that help me change me. Sometimes it is good to take risks in life to get where we want to be. It’s not easy but I will keep up the hard work and use all knowledge to help people be the next life changer.

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