Perfect Couples: Love at First Sight

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At some point in our lives, we have all met or seen that couple. The couple who just can’t wait to tell you the story of how they met and the moment that they saw each other, here comes the shocker, it was love at first sight. True or not the idea seems implausible out of seven billion people in the world you just look at this one person and say okay that’s the one for me.

Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska, the winner of the 1996 Nobel prize for literature, wrote a poem in which she explores the wonders of this phenomenon through poetry. Whilst the poem is beautiful, the cynic in me finds this very hard to believe that you can fall in love at first sight but according to recent research it is actually possible.

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When you ask people what they find most attractive about other people the most common answer was a person’s eyes. This fits in perfectly with what science tells us, a person’s limbal rings which are the rings around the colored part of your eye attract you to them, the larger and blacker they are, the more attractive they are. This makes sense seeing as the word limbic means border or edge and limbic means emotion.

Love, at first sight, is based on the concept of locking eyes with someone, so does seeing a picture of a person on your laptop screen count. In our ever-advancing technological world, online dating is clearly becoming very well used, so I’ve heard, with a third of married couples in the US have met online. There is a certain appeal to online dating, you just swipe left or right with little time and effort needed.

One of the lead consultants for, Helen fisher, says that ‘this is not a dating site but an introducing sight’ The way we as humans fall in love will not change due to technology. We are all guilty of being like a peacock and putting our best foot forward and being overly sweet when meeting someone. That is something that can’t be formed online, at some point we need to show off our proverbial feathers in person.

Whether you believe in love at first sight or not none of us can deny that we wish it were that easy that in 0.2 seconds and a look at some limbal rings you knew who your soul mate was. “Even the most cold-hearted and cynical hater out there has dreamed about falling in love at first sight at least once. Who hasn’t fantasized about walking down the street one day and locking eyes with a stranger and feeling like the world stops for a second?”

It’s just you and that person, falling in love without having spoken a word to each other. We fantasize about love at first sight because many of us believe in the idea of soulmates and want to think it’s possible to meet them one day and know immediately that we found “the one.”

Science can only take us so far, at the end of the day falling in love boils down to how much effort you want to put in. So, remember, love, at first sight, can always be cured by a second look.

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