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Perfect Eyelashes: 5 Treatments in Institute to Sublimate Your Eyes 

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If having found your wedding dress represents a great victory in your preparations for D-Day your look is far from complete! You will indeed have to accessorize this beautiful garment and associate a wedding hairstyle worthy of the event and a wedding make-up that will sublimate your appearance. When we think about beauty, we think especially cosmetics that we intend to use to enhance the natural beauty of his face. We think less about institute care, which is a very good way to prepare your body for this great moment of celebration. Regarding the beauty of the face the lashes have all their importance. Here are several treatments especially dedicated to this delicate area that deserves your attention.

  1. Eyelash tinting
  2. This treatment is similar to that of hair coloring and aims to bring intensity to your eyes by enhancing the natural color of your eyelashes. The institute will offer you different tones although black is the one that is used most frequently. Thanks to this treatment, you will be able to forget the mascara during three to four weeks and constantly present voluminous and dense eyelashes. This technique is ideal for eyelashes that are poorly supplied or very light. Count half an hour of session and thirty euros for an intense look that will only sublimate your look.

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  3. Eyelash extensions
  4. When we talk about extensions we refer to the technique of false eyelashes which is to complement the appearance of your natural eyelashes through additions that will densify and lengthen your eyes. A beautician will take care of placing medical glue points near your eyelid to come and glue silk eyelashes. Almost no need for wedding make-up thanks to this treatment that will double your amount of eyelashes and give you a doe look!

  5. Permanent for eyelashes
  6. You may have in your kit an eyelash curler, this small device to give the lashes a more curved appearance for a few hours. On the occasion of your union and in the same way that you want your natural bridal makeup to hold all day long, opt for a more radical technique than that of the eyelash curler by turning to the permanent. In the manner of the setting of your curly bun, we will seek here to fix your eyelashes in a nice curve that you will keep for three to five weeks. Count one hour session and about fifty euros.

  7. Eyelash enhancement
  8. This treatment practiced in beauty salon is similar to that of the perm in that its purpose is to curl the lashes for several weeks. Where the enhancement is different from the permanent is that here we will work from the base of the eyelashes and not at the level of the length. This is a technique particularly recommended for women with short eyelashes because from the base this care avoids giving an impression of shortening the length of the eyelashes. The disadvantage of the enhancement is that a fairly aggressive chemical is used here.

  9. Lash lift or Lash Lift
  10. The Lash Lift also called eyelash lifting is a new and very natural technique to deploy the eyelashes and enlarge the look. Here the eyelashes are curved by first applying silicone patches on the eyelids. The eyelashes are then glued on the patch to curl them. The beautician will color the eyelashes before applying a very nourishing care based on keratin and oils to help fix the curve and strengthen the eyelashes. This method offers a very natural result and takes care of your eyelashes for a sublime look at the time of putting on your beautiful lace wedding dress. Count about an hour and a half of sitting and a little more than 100 euros. The dress, the shoes, the jewels, the hairstyle, the makeup, would not there be something missing? The bridal bouquet of course! Here is another essential accessory to your look of the big day which will have to answer present! Want a chic and romantic style? Appeal to the bridal bouquet with peonies.


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