Analysis Banking Sector and It Influence in Bangladesh


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Bangladesh is a developing country. Banking sector plays an important role to make a country more developed. If a country can properly manage its financial sector then it can properly utilize it. We have some specialized bank but people do not know about them. That bank gives different types of facilities than others. So government should keep an eye in these specialized banking sectors. Though we have now many banks but from the ratio analysis we see that most of the institutions do not maintain the standard.

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Their financial condition is not good enough. Already we have big scam on our banking sector. People, economists are aware about the corruption of this sector. Some of the banks are totally dependent on government. Some of them have more than five hundred core liabilities. This is a major drawback for us. Government should impose some rules and regulation on them. Moreover the rules should be up to date. The economic condition of foreign bank is better than national bank but the profit they generate from their service is not invest in our market. They give it to their country. So we should more focus on our national bank rather than multinational bank. At the same time government should take some steps so that multinational bank invests their money in our market. Most of our people are poor. But we see that they don’t get loan easily.

So government should take steps about this. Grammen bank gives loan to the poor. Among two types of national bank private sector is better than the government sector. Government owned bank is fighting to survive. Most of them use old technology. Some of them do not have ATM. Because of these people are not interested to deal with that bank. We prefer that institutions which give us better service and which makes our life easier. Government should impose the rules that technology use is mandatory. Currently they use computer but which is still not good enough. Some of the bank gives loan the whole year but do not able to collect them. If the credit policy properly followed then this problem can be overcome.Standard Chartered bank says that they provide service within eight minutes. But in our country most of our national bank do not able to provide quick service. We need to spend more than one hour for a little work. For this reason people prefer multinational bank.

The governing body should aware about this. Banking industry has a great future in our country if we properly use it. We got independent about 47 years. We have some very old bank. We have experience do to better in this sector. Finance is the backbone of a nation. And if a country wants to properly use their money then they need some good financial institution. So government should give proper focus in this sector. Then our nation will be more developed in near future.

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