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Personal Account: Best Day of My Life

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A Day To Remember

During the summer I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted. There were so many paths I could Take everyday I woke up. I could go take a shower and start doing work around the house, or just lay in bed and relax. I like calling the shots. Every choice I made was one that I decided, and I wanted. I wasnt on a tight routine like during the school year, it was all my choice.

It was a Tuesday morning and I had just woken up. My parents were gone at work, so I had no one to boss me around or help me out with anything. I was completely alone. I laid in bed contemplating whether or not to get up and find some breakfast. After about an hour of thinking I decided to get up and make myself some cereal. When I was done eating I curled myself in my warm wool blanket again and lay on our old worn in couch that had been molded to my body from so much use, and turned on the big screen TV. I laid there with the controller flipping through channels or Opra, The Price Is Right, etc. until I came across my favorite movie, Dumb And Dumber. After the movie was over and I had a good laugh, I decided to see what my friends were up to. I called my buddy Mike, who was doing the same thing, and we decided to meet up at his house and hang out. I got in my 1997 black Mustang and drove over to Mikes. I walked into this small living room sized guest house to find him sitting on the couch with no shoes or socks, with green athletic shorts, a raggedy old white shirt with the sleeves ripped off, and a black beanie. I walked in and sat next to him.

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Whats up? I asked.

Nothing, He replied.

We both sat there staring at his TV for about two hours when the phone rang. Mike picked up and said it was Drew.

Drews coming over, Mike said.

Mike walked back over and sat down again. After about what seemed like another hour Drew walked in wearing the same outfit as Mike, without the beanie, add white shoes and holding a huge black box.

Hey guys, he said.

Whats up, Mike and I replied.

I just got X-box, Drew said.

Lets play it, I replied.

All night we sat on Mikes couch playing this game called Halo until 12:00 A.M. when we finally went to sleep. It was one of the greatest days of my life.

Commentary by Thoreau:

The true spirit of man comes alive when he is relaxed. When a man is relaxed his heart and mind are at peace. He is one with the world around him. The only way to really experience life to its fullest is to stop all actions and observe the beauty of perhaps the trees blowing in the wind. It is when you can think deeply about life and how to live it. Life is not meant to be filled with the busyness of society, but the beauty of nature. It is good for a man to calm his heart with his friends. Friends are the key to inner happiness. A friend is someone to turn to if you want to take out stress or anger. Being alone is healthy at times, but a life alone only leads to a world of hurt. A friend is a person with whom I may be sincere. Before him, I may think aloud. Friends are like a warm blanket shielding you from the cold of society and the world. Without a friend a man will be left out in the cold to die during the winter.


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