Personal Artifact Or a Memory that Means a Lot

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  • Introduction
  • My Coin Collection as Personal Artifact
  • The Importance of Personal Artifact
  • Conclusion


Everyone has an object or memory that means a lot to them. These objects can be anything, from a backpack to a t shirt. For me, this personal artifact is my coin collection. I remember when I was four years old and I was looking at a pile of quarters, I noticed that many of the coins had the eagle on the backs, but what surprised me was that on a few of the quarters there were names of states on the back. I was very curious, so I asked my dad about it and he said that every state was put onto the backs of quarters. This was the point when I first started to collect quarters. At the time, I was intrigued by how many coins there were in the world and I wanted to have all the types of them, but I had to start with something little.

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My Coin Collection as Personal Artifact

I was six years old when I finally finished collecting all the quarters. I had spent 2 full years working toward the goal. It felt like I had climbed Mount Everest. I was so proud of myself for staying with my goal and achieving it. My parents were also very proud of me, and wanted me to collect more, and so to this day, I collect world coins and currencies. Whenever my parents go on a business trip, or whenever we go on a vacation, I receive many coins from that country. Now, I have currency from countries like India, China, Canada, and Europe. When I went to Europe, someone dropped a coin on the sidewalk, and I found it and picked it up. I was curious because the shape and design of the coin was so different from what I was used to. Once I started going to other countries, I noticed that all the coins were had different designs, which is when I started collecting these different currencies. These coins mean a lot to me because whenever I am looking through my collection and I see the coins, the memories come flooding back from when I found or received the coins.

The Importance of Personal Artifact

Great memories and artifacts that you keep define you, and this artifact is important to me because it brings back memories that mean a lot to me and hopefully, it also means more great memories in the future. When I was four, if someone told me that I would have a coin collection, I would not have believed them because I was a growing boy and didn't stay with a lot of my extracurricular activities, but I had so much fun while collecting, that I still do it today. Although I keep adding to my coin collection even today, I do not believe that it will play a big role in my adult life because coin collecting is more of a child’s fantasy, but when you get older, a coin collection sounds trivial, and unnecessary to have in your life. I will keep the coin collection however, because it will remind me of the memories that I had as a child, when I could do whatever I wanted, when I was blithe and carefree.

If my grandchildren ever come across my coin collection, they would probably wonder what it is, because by the time I am a grandparent, the currency will probably change, or the pattern on quarters will change, and so the quarters that we use now will be rare when I am a grandparent. It would be a great opportunity for me to explain to my grandchildren how we used to live when I was a child and what we used money for. My grandchildren should know their history because it will help them in their life. If it doesn't get to my grandchildren, and instead if gets into the hands of a stranger, it would probably be a thief who steals it from me. He would probably not be interested in a coin collection and so he would use the money instead of treasuring the collection.


Other people would not appreciate having a coin collection, but the coin collection has given me many great memories and now I have something to remind me of my childhood when I grow up.

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