Personal Branding: My Own Path to Success

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Economies continue to change, and growth is part of any economy’s cycle. I assume that the ability to adapt and adjust to a sudden change is a key skill to have a competitive advantage over others in a competition. Adaptability also develops resilience in an individual and I believe such skills are priceless. Along with adaptability comes collaboration. I know To, be collaborative is not just about being a team player it is a broader scenario altogether. It also consists of a good sportsman spirit and the ability to converse with various personalities across all business functions. Being collaborative in the working environment helps professionally but also in daily relationships with employees, partners, and customers. It generates a sense of trust among the individuals which improves work efficiency. I would like to be known as someone who is collaborative and fun to work with. I like to believe that, whether in politics or the private sector, unethical behavior is much more widespread than we would like to believe. unethical conduct has been quite highly regarded and might seem very isolated. In this world being a person of ethics is itself a task. First, we will see what ethics means it generally means moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity. If I follow the ethical part it will be easy for my customers to answer the question, “ Can he be counted on to do the right thing? ’’ If the answer to this question is positive my branding as an ethical person is successful.

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Positioning. Positioning your brand mainly means how I want myself to be positioned in the minds of my customers when they think about me in the future.

 Trustworthy. People form a sense of confidence based on their actions. Acting confidently creates a state of confidence in our relationships. It is a continuous process that never stops, and we should just try and pursue it always. It can be said that building confidence is a journey, not a destination. I believe that I can never say that I am completely 100% confident which will make me chase confidence all day every day. In near future, I would like people to think of me as someone trustworthy since it is a quality on which strong relationships can be built.

 Easy-going. Easy goEasygoingebody who can be approached easily, and you don’t have to think twice before talking to them which makes the conversation go smooth. If I wish to build a long-term relationship with a client easy-going nature may seem attractive.

 Promising. It is important to know what exactly my brand promises in the long run. It is relatively easy for anybody to promise everything and later not deliver resulting in negative personal branding. As of now, I would want myself to be known as reliable and responsive. Not responding promptly to your clients only leads to delays in the work to be undertaken and sometimes meeting the deadlines unwillingly. Knowing my promise and executing shouldn’t be a problem. It will make my business reverberate with the clients for a long time.

Activities to Develop / Protect Personal Branding. Start thinking of yourself as a brand. As I mentioned in my earlier post that anything to be built needs a strong foundation. Similarly, strengthening your brand is important if you are to succeed as a leader in your profession and development. By foundation, I don’t mean to say it’s a one-time thing but it is a long and continuous odyssey that goes beyond social mediaExamplesle of people who created real and strong personal brands are Michael Jordan & Oprah Winfrey.

·Be purposeful on Social Media. Today’s world is all about social media. This is important because it makes it possible for people to reach you on the local, regional, national, and sometimes even international levels. Every tweet you send, update your status, share any image, and contribute to your brand. I  will start to be much more realistic about my brand once I understand how I  would like my brand to be viewed.

 Being Authentic. The adjective authentic mainly means something genuine and not a copy of something else. In today’s dynamic world being authentic is something that helps you in the long run but not literally in the shorter run. We can say that it is a horse that can run for a longer time and not in a derby race. Good brands don’t pretend to be everything for everybody. For example, Pizza Hut has built its reputation on serving great pizzas to the masses, so they won’t start making hamburgers and thus do not stay true to their origin. By moving too far from its core competencies, they risk losing its loyal consumer base. Instead, I believe in being yourself, stick sticking better than your rivals with what you know.

Tell it Like it is – No Sugar Coating. Staying authentic leads to honesty as well. The need to withstand overpromising is linked to authenticity. Especially when I start, I guess it will be tempting to assert more expertise than I already have just to create an impression in the minds of the consumers. I can always incorporate similar skills, services, or products later and broaden the brand effectively, as big businesses do sometimes. Promising something and later failing to deliver will be much worse especially early in my career.

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