Football is a Dangerous Sport: the Most Common Injuries You Can Get While Playing

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Football Eequirements

Did you know soccer is a dangerous sport? Well it is! Soccer is the most dangerous sport because of the nature of the sport, the demands it has on your body, and the playing conditions. According to Lauren Shanleys article” The 5 most Dangerous Sports for Boys”, “High school players sustaining some 400,000 injuries a year.” Whenever I played soccer one of my teammates got injured when she was guarding someone. Than later this year my best friend got injured, and he tore his abdominal hip muscle.

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Some Statistics

The demands has on your body is exhausting. In soccer on average soccer players run about seven miles a game. With midfielders running the most than strikers and defenders running the least. According to the article, “The Physical Demands Of Soccer”, “Soccer players sprint around 1400 yards a game in explosions of 10-40 yards, alter course every 5-6 seconds and have a normal pulse of 150-170 beats for every minute.” From the same article, “The Physical Demands Of Soccer”, “Soccer players spend about 2/3 of the game at low intensities of walking and jogging.”

Physics and Football

Depending on the playing conditions some players can seriously get injured and taken out of the game for the season. “A wet field can really tire your student athletes out. This is because it requires more strength to run and perform athletic activities on a wet field.” When changing speed and direction on a wet field you are more likely to sprain your ankle. Also on wet fields especially artificial turf fields players can seriously get injured when the field is wet.

The nature of soccer is horrifically dangerous if your super competitive. The demands on your body in soccer is extreme and you can get injured very easily. If the field is wet and you have a game to pay be cautious when playing, because you can get injured easier.


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