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Personal Comparison of the Personality of Dodger from Oliver Twist, Written by Charles Dickens

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Carpe Diem

Focusing on the wellbeing and happiness of others has always been an important part of my life, and a large part of that focus includes trying to find small ways to make another person’s’ day. Since I was a child, I always cared for any other kid that seemed to be having a bad day. I never liked to see anyone having a bad day. Having had many terrible days, and often months, I couldn’t think of someone going through the same thing I did. My innocence was a gift, and it influenced my optimistic attitude. Today, I constantly think about how my friends feel in fear of them going through the same pain I have. Every aspect of my personality is based on how I care for my friends. I always try to put my friends’ needs before mine in order to show my care, even if it means sacrificing something of my own. Looking at myself today, I see a person with a twisted past. I see true innocence shining through from the past. I see a lost child found by a lost message: ‘Carpe diem; Seize the Day’. To me, seizing the day means making sure everyone else has the opportunity to seize it as well. However, I seem lose myself when I can’t seem to make everyone happy, or I can’t help someone be happier. I always have an aching feeling that I need to prove myself as a good friend, and to some it is seen as an annoyance, but this part of me is my greatest strength, and although it seems like an awful habit, I cannot break it. My mentality is focused around seeing others prosper and indulge in happiness, so that I may indulge in theirs.

The character Jack Dawkins, or Artful Dodger, in Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist possesses character traits with that of someone who is selfish, deceiving, and discourteous. Dodger convinced Oliver Twist that he was nothing more than a clever boy and that they were to be good friends. However, Dodger had deluded him, and he stole from a man right in front of Oliver. He left Oliver alone to fend for himself against angry onlookers accusing hi of the theft. Not only did he lead Oliver to his ultimate capture, but he didn’t even think of an attempt to retrieve Oliver. Moreover, Dodger lured Oliver into Fagin’s lair in which he was to be another thieving pickpocket for Fagin. Dodger showed no compassion in these instances, and furthermore, didn’t treat Oliver with any friendly respect whatsoever.

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Dodger foils my character traits in several aspects. In one instance, Dodger shows no compassion, nor does he attempt to show any, in contrast to me in which I always try to cheer someone up or make someone’s day. Furthermore, Dodger exploited Oliver’s weakness of being ignorant and ran off when he could’ve helped Oliver. In this instance, Dodger was being selfish and completely disregarded the fact that Oliver could be put in jail and left him to get away at his expense whereas I try to put others’ needs in front of mine in order to show how much I care for them. Dodger didn’t look out for Oliver in the way I look out for my friends and family. His aspirations don’t lie on friendship or compassion, but on whether or not he gets his pay in the thieving. In his mindset, ‘Seizing the Day’ means thieving as much as you can for the best pay. On the other hand, I look out for opportunities to lighten up someone’s day, so I can get the enjoyment of their happiness. Ultimately, Dodger opposes virtually every character trait I possess, and therefore foils me.


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