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Personal Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ways To Solve the Problem

Manager often confronts situation with ethical dilemma, and are required to make a decision that distinguishes the right from wrong.'[Technical issues] are important issues. But the real issue is how does it affect the end client, back offices, market structures?’ , delaying or disclosing the technical issue situation to external parties is an ethical dilemma, which the managers need to sort by taking a decision looking into the ethical decision-making models: moral rights, utilitarianism, justice and practical . This essay argues against delaying any announcement regarding technical issues in the airplane, following utilitarianism. One way the manager can resolve ethical dilemma is with Justice, applying the rule and distributing negative and positive externalities equally among all stakeholders as suggested. Not disclosing would burden all the cost and risks onto the passengers/customers and service distributors (airlines), implementing this rule would allow manager to disclose the technical issue resulting in allocation of cost onto the internal and external stakeholder equally as a result of fall in sales, life safety of passengers and commitments and time for adjustments to airlines.

Uppercase Truths

Moral rights is an approach that protects and respects the code of conduct by which the society is based.Airlines have the right to know if the product (airplane) purchased or leased are clean and with no default. Airlines carry responsibility of lives of the traveler and anything that results from the consequence of unaware technical issue would cost airlines their reputation and brand image, hence applying this rule would give airlines their right to understand the means from which they provide services to passengers.

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Practical rule asserts that the decision taken by manager can be stated to the public with no hesitation. This decision would help managers of both, the aerospace manufactures and airlines handling passengers if at time of delays or modifications to airplanes schedules. Airlines can inform passengers before hand of departure and this would also release pressure of aerospace manufactures as they can replace supplying the airplane with technical issue while working on the backend.


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