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Personal Experience Of Studying Abroad

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Cause and Effect Essay

In general, risks are things people try to avoid because it causes stress to everyone’s life. However, for me, risks are the chances to have a good result in life. Fortunately, I am willing to risk my life because these risks have brought me a lot of good experiences and chances to look forward to the future. Studying abroad is my choice after I graduated from high school. At first, it’s a risk to study abroad; nonetheless, studying abroad has given me three positive changes. I have had the opportunity to learn different languages, to experience many different learning methods, and to become independent.

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The first positive change about my study abroad is I have had the opportunity to learn different languages. In Vietnam, there are only two languages that people always study in their student life, Vietnamese and English. However, in the second semester of my study abroad, I know that students in American know more than two languages. From my native friends, I know that students can study different languages at school, for knowing different languages is a benefit in working. From that time, I began to study my favorite language, French, and one more popular language in American, Spanish. Since I can confidently communicate with my international friends with two languages that I am studying, I am also gaining experiences which prepare me to work in a society like America.

The second positive change is that I’m experiencing many different learning methods. Recently, technology is popular around the world, but technology is only popular in developed countries, such as America. Vietnamese students still study with traditional methods; taking long notes and memorizing the whole book are what students do every day at school. When I study in America, I have used many methods in learning, and technology is one of the most popular techniques. Studying by technology is fast and convenient in many ways; therefore, I have taken lots of online courses, and it has saved lots of my time. Instead of doing works with tons of papers, I can do them on my computer now. In class, there are not so much paperwork anymore; there is a PowerPoint Presentation, or there is a laptop on each student’s table. I like this way of learning because it’s fast and convenient. I believe this must be a second proof to say that studying abroad is not a risk, for it gives me the chance to experience a new and great technique.

The last positive change is that I have learned to be independent. Living with family is having everything and doing nothing. It also means I have no special experience when I live with my family. However, living alone is more difficult than I know. I must do everything by myself, such as cooking, renting the house, going to the market, and fixing little things in the house. At first, it’s not easy, but overtime it’s not a problem anymore. I have gotten used to everything, and I am having a stable life. Now, I can confidently say that I can work on my own and have a lot of experiences of studying abroad.

In conclusion, studying abroad is a risk, but it has brought me three positive changes. I only knew my language, English when I came to study in The United States, I recently know two more languages. It’s also good to use technology when studying because it is fast and convenient. In addition, studying abroad means I live with only myself, yet it’s great to be independent. Finally, I would say that risk is an opportunity, a chance, and an experience that people must take to learn new things in life.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?