Personal Failure: Fighting for Success at All Costs

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What is failing to you? The word failure by definition is the condition of not achieving one’s goal or goals. Regardless, this basic denotation does not come near to summing up the infinite definitions. Every person regardless of status, color, or gender, has dealt with this issue more than once. Even so, each person’s definition can vary depending on personal experiences. Everyone’s interpretation of personal failure differs, but failure itself includes not putting effort, being a disappointment, or not succeeding in a task.

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Former professional basketball player Michael Jordan states, “I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying”, about not putting forth effort. The action of not doing something is characterized as failing to accomplish a task. When a person puts no effort in accomplishing a task, they give off a not caring about the outcome vibe. As humans we are not perfect causing us to fail, but we should use failures as a learning experience. If not this carefree attitude can lead and result in us not working to accomplish anything in life. For example, if a student does not put effort to try to do any class work, then this will result in the person failing both the assignment and class. This can lead to the student not being able to graduate and be labeled as a personal failure through society’s eyes.

Throughout life everyone experiences disappointments, some greater than others. Everyone has set a goal for ourselves or others have set standards for us. However, at times we fail to meet these standards and we feel disappointed. Every time we fail to met an expectation and we are confronted with the truth we become disappointed. Majority of the time our disappointments come from the contradictiction between our expectations and real life. We can learn from our disappointments to correct our actions leading us to achieve our goals and become wiser.

Majority of the time, many tend to fail due to being unsuccefully prepared for a task. Preparing extends to all aspects of life. For example, when a student is informed that there is an exam next time in class but does not study. The student is not preparing themselves for the exam setting themselves up for failure. A good deal of time goes into preparing for a task. Many people aim to be successful, but they pursue success half heartedly, with little effort, and preparation. Because of the lack of dedication many fail. However, one should learn from those mistakes and take time to prepare, which will then lead to succeeding in a task.     

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