Personal Growth and Development: Critical Thinking in Everyday Life

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 This step is very much a simpler way to become better at critical thinking than the others, I think. This step is a multi-step one that includes five steps within the one. These steps include to become a self-critic, active listening, analyzing information, nonviolent communication, and developing foresight. Even though this is a how-to that I am supposed to create myself, I believe that these steps are very important and want to include in on this as well.

The first step is to become a self-critic. For developing critical thinking in everyday life skills, being able to critique your own thoughts is very important. When you don’t use self-reflection, you cannot grow and therefore will not be able to become better at critical thinking. Another way to become better at self-criticizing is to be able to know your own strengths, weaknesses, preferences, and biases and when you figure this out, you will be able to better understand situations from the perspective and step around it when talking to others.

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Critical thinkers need to be able listen to everyone’s ideas and thoughts without thinking of their own. Empathy is reached to those who use critical thinking by being able to listen by hearing someone’s story, ideas, passions, and their fight with certain things. Hearing someone’s perspective let critical thinkers understand what they are saying and be able to reiterate what someone is trying to say.

Analyzing information is the most predominant thing for critical thinking. It is said that not a single person thinks critically all the time; our emotions are much to great and people can end up having hard times focusing on a single issue. People need to be able to analyze information that is in their head or the ideas that others are sharing. With this, we should then be able to examine arguments and be able to think about all the outcomes of that argument.

The step of nonviolent communication is important because when using critical thinking, you should be able to communicate in a more productive way. You need to be able to have compassion, observation, and collaboration when trying to be better at it. Each of these can help someone become better at critical thinking because if you don’t show each of these towards everything that you do, you are not thinking past the surface and won’t be able to get more in depth with others.

In the final step within this article is the developing foresight. This means that you should be able anticipate future impact of a decision. This is a critical part of becoming better at critical thinking because foresight is a component for success in all aspects of life. it also requires the ability for someone to reflect on their own concept and be able to reflect on other’s ideas. With this, people should be able to see the ties between both their own concept and those of others. You need to be able to listen to others, assess arguments, and be able to disconnect the intense emotions.  

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