Personal Project on Investigating Verbal Bullying

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  • The Goal
  • Personal interests
  • Goal and Global Context
  • Prior Learning and Knowledge

Investigating Verbal Bullying is one of the most common bullying types, it’s when an individual uses verbal language to gain power over his or her peers. It can cause low self-esteem and hurt others not physically, but emotionally. I personally think verbal bullying is one of the most harmful types of bullying where the person that gets bullied can get harmed mentally. Verbal bullying is a serious problem which happens in every age and grade, and should be solved everywhere.

The Goal

I aim to help children (grades one to three) as well as caregivers understand the negative effects of verbal bullying, by creating a short film that explores this issue in detail as a way of spreading awareness. To get the children’s buy in, I will involve them in making the short film as a way to help them perceive bullying and its effects.

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Personal interests

In order for me to achieve my goal in an effective way, I needed to base my topic around my personal interests. This is because when working on something you passion about, you will succeed in an efficient and organized way. My goal is to raise awareness and reduce verbal bullying for children in the Bishop School through the production of a short film that can provide others with information about the negative effects it has. I chose this topic due to personal interests. It caught me off guard when I was younger when I saw other children my age that got verbally bullied.

Goal and Global Context

My goal is connected to “Personal And Cultural Expression”. When I used this global context for my topic of interest it led me to an exploration of the importance of defending verbally bullied children, the need of defending fellow students, and our responsibility with of how dealing with this issue. My vision behind this is that bullied children deserve to be treated equally by others. They must live by their human rights. I believe that with my goal of creating a short film about them and promoting to reduce verbal bullying. This will dramatically help, change and reduce the amount of verbally bullied students.

Prior Learning and Knowledge

Throughout the process of improving my project, I used different types of research. At the beginning, I demonstrated my prior knowledge on my project, making a short film: attended a conference that talked about filming a short film and everything related. Throughout the year the school provided us with many assemblies about bullying in general and that helped me a lot. The experience and knowledge will be of really helpful for my project because, in order for me to achieve my goal, I must produce a short film that raise awareness about verbal bullying, promote it in schools in Jordan, and post it on social media. My prior knowledge will help me to finish my work effectively and efficiently.

My project is also highly related to three of my school subjects which are: Drama, English Literature, and IT. The drama skills will help teach the children how to act and preform and English literature will help me create the script in a correct form, and the it skills will help me in editing the short film. I used many research skills to fill the requirements of this project. I had to analyze and collect data, research information to solve solutions, and create a plan of to raise awareness about verbal bullying in Schools. In order for me to create a successful short film, I needed to knowledge on the topic. To do that, I needed to find children from the first to the third grade to act in the film, and answer questions such as: How we are supposed to deal with bullied children? What is the social life of a bullied child? Etc.

From the beginning, I knew that I had to have an variety of reliable sources that would help me understand all parts of the topic so I would be able to create a short film. I realized that I have to have enough skills in addition to lots of research to raise awareness. I had to look at primary and secondary sources and employ information and media. Regarding the primary sources, I made an interview with a bullied student so they can give me an insight of their daily life. They gave me evidence and the causes of bullying. As for my secondary sources I came across a helpful YouTube video, this video discuses about verbal bullying and its types. And what it can cause to a person’s social and emotional status. How it happens and what you should do to stop it, and what to do if you spot this issue.

The conclusion of my research was that I managed to know the causes of verbal bullying in Jordan, statistics about them. Since my short film will be several minutes, I needed to decide on what to write on every page. Thus, I decided to focus the most on showing my audience their how to deal with the problem, what to do when it happens, and what it causes. Besides that, I want to encourage my audience to reduce the amount of verbal bullying.

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