Personal Reflection of Group Assignment on the Industry Consulting Project

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During this semester throughout completing the Industry consulting project, I was placed in a group of 6 to work on our group assignment and presents our recommendations to Tesellar Modulars. My group consisted of Victoria, Christina, Flo, Cam, Glenn and myself. As a team, we outlined our particular strengths and weaknesses in the team charter through the SWOT analysis aiding in the effectiveness of completing our workgroup and the success of the overall team's performance. While completing our team charter each team member assisted themselves preferred roles which guided each team’s contribution and behavior towards group meetings and assignments. Both Flo and Glenn took on the research and data analysis roles. While Christina and Victoria took on the editing and presenting roles taking charge of making sure assignments where professional and well read. Cam and I took on more of the design and creative roles during the project including completing our team website and pulling together the final presentation. The coordination and communication become a problem. Initially, things started to form quite well with each of the group members defining their own roles and tasks. However, we had no team leader which I think at times significantly impacted the progress and communication between the group. This meant that a lot of the time we didn't have any formal meetings just general conversation via WhatsApp. This made it very difficult to know how each member was tracking with their assigned tasks. I'll defiantly approach this differently in my next group work in the future. I strongly believe that clear leadership and project planning is key to the success and the overall clarity of the project. The unit 'industry consulting project' was one of the most difficult units I have undertaken to date with the depth and complexity of the topic taking a lot of time to understand. Also, I struggled to understand the requirements for each assignment due to limited course material. Furthermore, I found the assignment briefs very difficult to understand and interpret. As I knew I was going to be away for the last 3 weeks of the semester I focused to make sure I keep on top of my tasks and try to finish my tasks ahead of deadlines. In some instances, this was difficult in a group project as once other team members had finished their sections it was noticeable that each section didn't flow. Causing for time and work for me. Also as a result of struggling to understand this unit I shift more of my attention to family and travel plans. It's clear that I need to work on sharpening my focus and work through the hard parts. A learning curve for me is I should have made a clearer learning plan to give me a better direction to help reduce the struggle to understand the course content. Important learning objectives during this seamed are how important goal setting and also how clear measures of success are key to personal and the overall success of the team.

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The personal learning development plan which I had created at the start of the project consisted of improving planning: decision-making skills, being confident public speaking and improving language and academic skills. I believe I have completed majority the goals I set myself as I finished most of my tasks ahead of their assigned deadlines and feel like I have learned skills on how to be a good leader and manager. However, I wasn't able to present with my team at the end of the semester as I was overseas. So I wasn't able to work on my public speaking skills which were one of the learning goals I put in my initial learning brief. I do believe I was a good team member by keeping other members informed about how I was going with my tasks and giving effective feedback and appraisal when appropriate. As Bakken states appraising the team as a whole as well as each team members individually when they contribute excellent work is positive to the team's success. I was assigned the introduction, conclusion and 2/5 of the Porters 5 Forces in the external environment and industry analysis assignment which I finished 3 days prior to the deadline, giving plenty of time for Christina to proofread. For the final report I was assigned to implementation issues and the external analysis implications section on the day the draft was due which pulled together at the last minutes with limited help from Cam as he wasn't reachable until about 5 pm. I believe a good team member is about coming tasks to the best of your ability and with the resources you have available with I did. As a group, we did moderately well in achieving our team charter goals and agreed behaviors.

When giving my final feedback to my team members I have tried to ensure that is honest and personal. In other units, I have had team members give false and mean feedback that is untrue of how the team performed or acted. So I have learned to give constructive and honest feedback to true. Giving feedback of this nature hopefully allows recipients to utilize these suggestions to help with their next units and in their future career. While undertaking this unit I have gained vital insights into what is required in my professional journey. Including planning for foreseeable problems as well as learn how to adapt to all different problems that may arise. Feedback received from my team members have been invaluable in defining my strengths and weakness which will significantly help to improve my work in both uni and career.

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