Personal Reflection on the Group Presentation

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Personal Reflection On The Group Presentation

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This year, in our course we were asked to present a group presentation to discuss and develop relevant subjects. In this report I am going to briefly describe the presentation, identify the problems we faced as a group and also the aspects that could have performed better. The intent of this report is to reflect on the work we have done and absorb from our experiences therefore we can improve in future presentations.

Of all the groups formed my group focused on the theme Apple SWOT Analysis. In the group presentation we did not operate as we have planned to, as it was not a very good presentation. Firstly, I believe that time was one of the main issues in our group as we have not managed the time correctly in result we rushed in order to be able to finish the presentation on time, in my opinion this was mainly a result of improper division of content.

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Furthermore, one member of the group abandoned the course which extremely affected our performance as this member did not inform the group of the situation, in result the other group members were left with extra work and pressure. This also shows the lack of communication between our group members, as Disalvo, Larsen and Seiler (1976) stated the ability to function effectively in that communication system may establish perceived skills and level of success, the knowledge I have now gained on communion skills as generated in me the ability to understand that if we have applied the communion skills correctly we would have been able to overcome the obstacles we faced.

In addition, we have also challenge some issues with referencing which for me is a disappointment as we were introduced to Roehampton Harvard Referencing system by our teacher in class and it appeared to a success but when applying we faced some issues, although it has made me realize that it is a difficulty that I have to overcome in order to progress in future presentations.

Moreover, reflecting on our presentation I can observe that we have not invested plenty time researching due to the lack of content in the final presentation, also as I have now realized there is detailed information provided in Moodle.

Finally, as I mention before we challenged some communication issues in result I can now realize that we did not have sufficient rehearsal as there were some mistakes and it did not appear to be professional, which again disappointing because we did not allow sufficient time for a reasonable rehearsal.

In conclusion, from this experience there are various factors that would defiantly innovate in a future presentation, I have also acquired a large amount of knowledge on reflecting in our own work and how to improve from our mistakes and also how can we tackle obstacles. In a future presentation I can now state that I would invest more time in researching and rehearsing and would also apply the compunctions skills that I have learned from this research which appear to be essential in order to have a successful presentation.

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