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I have been living in the UK for 5 years as a refugee and working as a Security Guard and in those years I met several people who told me how their lives have changed because of a lawyer. My desire to become a Solicitor is firmly rooted in my interest in helping others. I knew that if I want to make a difference in other people lives I have to change my professional field. That is why that decided to study GDL/CPE from London South Bank University as my first step to become a Solicitor. During my 1st year, I attended several seminars and legal career fairs and met some highly reputable Solicitors. I was so fascinated by one of the Solicitors whom I was talking to. He talked about his success in one of his cases regarding his client’s immigration matter. His talk motivated me to pursue a legal career in the Immigration After completing my GDL/CPE course I joined a legal firm as a volunteer Legal Assistant. Here I came to know that being a lawyer is not only about getting a professional job. It is more about helping someone in need.

Experiencing firsthand how a Solicitor bring change in someone’s life e.g. helping a mother getting her child custody. Helping a man to reunite with his wife and kids living in a different country whom he has not seen for years due to his immigration status or getting justice for someone who has been done wrong etc. This is the reason why I have chosen to study LPC LLM so that I can become a Solicitor and give back to community by helping the people in need of this great country. I am applying for this course because after completing my GDL/CPE I secured a placement in a reputable law firm as Legal Assistant and main duties involves assisting solicitors and trainee solicitors of Immigration, Family and Property departments with opening file, Interviewing with clients and taking instructions, Research, Drafting Client Care Letters, Drafting invoices, Drafting Letters and Application forms for clients, Drafting Emails, Answering Telephone Calls, Arranging Files, Maintaining Database, Itemised Billing and Drafting Closing Letters. The role also involves in performing administrative duties as well. This placement enhances my people skills and communication skills. It also gave me a lot of confidence of how to deal with clients and how to listen and take instructions from the client and give advice to the client and workout what was right for the client personally, legally and financially. I enjoy helping clients by explaining them complex laws in simple English.

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My writing skill has also been improved after consistently drafting a legal letter or fill out an application form for a client. During my placement I enjoyed working in Family department particularly on Wills and Custody matters, however, I do prefer working in Immigration department because it gives me satisfaction spiritually and socially when a client is reunited with their loved one or helping people with their immigration status. It may be because of I myself an immigrant refugee in this country. Hence, I believe that I now have a better understanding of what a legal career involves and I am convinced that a career as a Solicitor is suitable for me and after completing LPC LLM, I can be one step closer to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a qualified Solicitor. I believe that this course will help me to provide me all the practical knowledge in all major aspects of legal industry and especially on Family law and Immigration law and help me to overcome the current issues with these two modules as I am planning to write my dissertation on limitation of laws related to either Immigration or Family matters which needs to be reform. Apart from that, I believe that this course will help me to understand how to run a business and deal with financial matters. this course will help me to enhance my knowledge of the current rules and regulation relating to immigration and family law as this course offers these electives and help me to secure a training contract with the firm I am currently working for voluntarily and to achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a qualified solicitor in Immigration and family law. LPC LLM is a course which requires determination, dedication and hard work. I have always been a very bright student. I believe it is one of my qualities that when I determine to do something, I put all of my focus on the task and work to my limits to complete it in time.

I have confidence in myself that I will pass this degree in my first attempt with good grades just like I passed my GDL/CPE in 2016 and BBA Honors exams by getting GPA 3.53 in 2011. I am always dedicated towards all my assignments. The work that I have done for the legal firm and my previous studies have made me make a habit of punctuality and developed time management skills. I believe that these qualities will definitely help me during my LPC LLM course at this university. I have chosen London metropolitan University because of their method of teaching the course is unique and actually practical. They focus on developing practical skill through case studies the wide range of employability modules and the professionalism of the tutors. I am interested in case studies that mimic real-life scenarios. I attended the open days and I was impressed by how many tutors have professional experience and current links with legal practice. Most of the successful solicitors I know today have done their LPC from this institute and all of them highly recommended this university. I believe that studying at London Metropolitan University will help me to develop a professional attitude and personality which is required for this profession. LPC LLM is the second milestone in my destiny to become a qualified solicitor. I believe that I have that focus and determination of hard work which is required to not just pass but get good grades in every semester as it is my dream to not just become a lawyer but to become a good lawyer. In my spare time, I enjoy playing cricket every Sunday and watching the news and current affairs. I also love to do charity work such as spending time with senior citizens in old homes, planting trees and gathering charity for charitable organizations.

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