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My observations and experiences within local primary schools have had a profound influence in confirming my decision to pursue teaching, particularly of the primary age range. Although my initial ambition was to follow on from my studies in art and languages to teach these subjects in depth at secondary level, after having undertaken placements across EYFS, key stage 1 and 2 I discovered that my truest aspirations lie in the field of inspiring children to enjoy learning as I always have done. 

It was also during these placements wherein I felt that my creative and enthusiastic nature was best put to use, allowing me to witness how I can utilise attributes such as this in becoming an accomplished teacher during this vital formative period in a child’s educational development. My proficiency across a range of national curriculum subjects has proved beneficial; for example, whilst taking part in a year 4 French lesson, both my passion and competence in this area were quickly noticed by staff; which lead to me planning and teaching the subsequent lesson. 

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Taking this lesson showed me the significance of a how teacher’s positive approach and attitude towards a subject has an effect on the response and therefore learning ability of their students. During my time in both primary and secondary schools, I have witnessed the extension of a teacher’s duties far beyond the classroom. At present I am undertaking a volunteer placement at Grange Primary School that has allowed me to gain significant experience with children aged 4 – 11; working closely with small groups and on a 1:1 basis with pupils also. 

I have a planned placement within another local primary school; providing me with the opportunity to gain further and more in depth insight to successful teaching methods and how pedagogical strategies differ across the age groups. I have benefited greatly from observing successful lesson planning, in addition to how simple things such as classroom layout and use of technology can be used to enhance effective teaching. Most of my employment positions have involved working within a team-based nature, wherein a number of attributes required for these roles are some that I feel greatly support my decision to teach. 

Continually working under pressure and tactfully diffusing difficult situations in a positive manner, are elements that I feel are inevitably of importance when working with young people. Additionally, at Bloom I have been afforded the opportunity to work with children of ages ranging from 2 – 18. It is during the teaching of a variety of art techniques and movements within art history that I have been most wonderfully impressed by a young child’s ability to absorb and retain information, showing an understanding of such through their resultant work – with the addition of a few comical anecdotes along the way. 

From the sessions that I have held over recent years, I am able to reflect upon the fact that no two days are ever the same – despite thorough planning and organisation; quick thinking and flexibility are key ideals in order to achieve the same level of student engagement and outcomes from each pupil. It is through this experience, teamed with my time spent in schools that I understand how an assertive, yet sympathetic approach is essential when working with young children. 

Knowing that nothing can be anticipated, but anything may be expected brings a certain level of energy and enthusiasm to working with young people. I feel assured that my experiences and qualifications, teamed with my passion to continue expanding and developing my teaching ability, equip me with a great awareness of the responsibility and challenges that I am about to embark upon.    

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