The Concept of Personal Strengths Essay and It's Features

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The Concept Of Personal Strengths Essay And It’s Features

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  • The Concept of a Personal Essay And its Features
  • Personal Essay Examples
  • Focus On Yourself
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The Concept of a Personal Essay And its Features

The definition of a personal essay is a broad essay that often incorporates a variety of writing styles. A personal essay really is personal it's about you and sometimes can even make you feel like your sharing a little too much information. That's the point allowing people into your mind to read and get a taste of what you experienced good or bad. These types of essays are fiction and considered to be an autobiography, it's your own story. The retelling of personal event is the spine of a personal essay. In the best way possible your explaining to the audience what happened, where it happened, how it made you feel, and much more. There's usually as beginning middle and end, a part of the essay where there's a protagonist and an antagonist even if there not human specifically. A personal essay will somehow interpret a rising a and falling action or challenges the author faced, sometimes the lesson they learned in the end, the story can even hold a strong message. Every personal essay is unique, some of the best personal essay topics include facing a fear, falling in love, overcoming an obstacle, or even discovering something new. Even know a
personal essay is fiction you still want to focus on making it creative. The truth can be stretched or even exaggerated creating a more interesting picture in the readers mind is what you want to do. If you're staying on the topic this is ok, own your story!

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Personal Essay Examples

In the personal essay titled "THE BURYING OF GRANDMOTHER" the author did a great job of using adjectives to help the reader understand how he truly felt. Reading his essay, I felt like I was burying his grandmother myself, the pain of such a loss and the memories he shared that he had with his grandmother made me sad. In the next essay I read titled "TRAVEL AND LANGUAGE" I traveled with the author to all the places she's been and the pros and cons she explained about each experience taught me so much. The languages she learned and new people she met all over the world were extraordinary and made me want to travel more. Lastly reading the essay "DEAD BIRD" I was terrified, the intro had such a strong hook keeping me interested as to what the rest of the essay was even about. Having such a strong hook already had me asking questions in my head like what's going to happen to him next, what is he going to do etc.? That's exactly what you want from your readers. The beginning of a personal essay is very important. What some authors fail to realize is that how your essay begins determines if it gets read at all. In your introduction otherwise known as your hook you want to grasp the reader's attention. For example, start off the beginning of your paper with a question, a fact, or even creating an instant image in their head of them in your shoes. Your hook is supposed to help the reader know what your whole essay is going to about.
Furthermore, creating and outline is also a major part of writing a personal essay. Often when telling a story, a lot of events happen, thinking of all of them at once can cause you to be scatter brained. Creating and an outline can help you organize those thoughts. Map out your sequence of events and then vividly explain them. This can also help speed up the process of actually writing the paper because you're prepared.

Focus On Yourself

The five senses are also something to keep in mind when writing your paper, you want to put the reader in your shoes, make them feel how you felt. This is done by using creative adjectives and constantly speaking about how you felt when you experienced these series of events. When writing your personal essay, you want to make sure your being specific and not general, write about one person, place, time, object, or experience that's meaningful to you. Closing out a personal essay can be almost as important as the introduction. Not having a lesson learned or a main point to your experience that your sharing with the audience, makes your essay seem meaningless. Your essay should end with your own reflection, that could be how what happened changed your life or even another person's. Overall, a personal essay is only as hard as you make it, it's all about you so the easiest way to write a personal essay is to focus on expressing yourself in the best and most detailed way possible.



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