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Personal Success Plan – A Reflective Journal For College

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What successes do you notice yourself achieving so far in college, both inside and outside of your classes? What attitudes or behaviors do you think you have used to achieve these successes? Are there other contributing factors?

Success that I have noticed myself accomplishing was my smooth transitioning into college. I have also notice that I am more diligent and deceive in my writing now. Previously I would ramble on assignments such as these. Outside the class I have had a surprisingly high amount of success making friends. Previous schools it was hard to even find somebody to talk to, but here it seems as if people yearn to have human contact. I have used more a more serious tone to myself entering college, and I correlate my to this. Taking oneself seriously without being egotistical is a good thing.

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Another behavior that I am taking this year is not taking shit from teacher or professors anymore. I have recently dropped my math class because he didn’t like my equal signs, and so he marked 3 questions on a test incorrect. Other contributing factors are definitely my friends. I do not believe I would be so happy to be at PCC without my friends.

What challenges do you notice yourself facing so far in college, both inside and outside of your classes? What is causing these challenges? Are any of the causes related to your own choices? What steps have you taken to address these challenges?

A Challenge that I have been facing so far is not knowing my grades for my classes. I have two classes that I’m completely left in the dark, and on top of it the teacher is unapproachable. Besides this I think waking up so early in the morning is a challenge that I really dislike doing. This challenge is entirely my fault because I had a terrible high school regiment, which allowed me to always sleep around 2 in the morning, then later wake up in the morning as if nothing happened. It was a vicious cycle that killed a lot of kids at my high school, it was slightly depressing, but for sure it was depriving. Yes some of these causes are because I had procatined with my homework, then I would only decide to begin my homework around 12 in the morning. Steps that I have taken to address these step are actually studying at school, and actually doing my homework meticulously and patiently at Pasadena City College Help Centers.

What goals or commitments do you want to set for yourself going forward? What attitudes or behaviors can you enact that will help you achieve them? What assistance or resources from others would help you achieve them?

A goal I have set for myself for my future is to get a girlfriend, especially to study the most I can so that I could compete against the students at the University of California Berkeley. I understand how outrageously hard the curriculum is, and I am willing to die in order to get into the university with a scholarship. An attitude I have for Berkeley is to never stop, and be non-stop just like Alexander Hamilton. The resources I will be using at my Pasadena City College are definitely the Pathways center and most definitely the writing center. I believe my weakest subject is solidified as English. To combat this i will for once actually finish a book, and continue to write like Hamilton.


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