Personality and the Big Five Model of Personality Traits

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It is commonly believed that people’s interest in understanding other people is become universal. The reason why people choose to study psychology is because they want to know more about who they are, why they behave in such manner or in such a way they do. So, personality psychology is the term that answers to these questions because it concerns or connect with the human nature. It tells us how a person will act in different situations and why. It also tells us what a person will do in the future and for what reason. Basically, it reveals whether and what degree or level people change their behavior. It is something that tells you the difference and similarities between people (Ahmetoglu, 2012).

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Our attempt to understand personality is mostly driven by two goals, 1) We are interested in predicting behavior specially what different people are likely to do and 2) We are interested in explaining that why people do such things they do and why different people act in different ways. Indeed, personality is essential to explaining who we are and how others see us, how we relate to others within different environments, and why our idea to others ( As an individual ) remains pretty much same throughout time. Thus, personality is something highly consequential: You may think about it as a dominant force underlying the dynamics of social behavior and affecting the laws of history (Hogan & Chamorro-Premuzic, 2011)

Personality is important factor that helps to determine how individual differences in everyday behaviours. It sometimes affects our educational and occupational success, our health and longevity, our marital status and relationship satisfaction, and even our eating and sleeping preferences. Everyday concept of personality traits makes two key assumptions. First traits are stable over long time. Like Most people would accept that an individual’s behaviour naturally varies somewhat from one occasion to other occasion, but also would maintain that there is a consistency which defines the individual’s true nature’s (Deary, I. J., & Whiteman, M. C. (2003)

If we relate personality with the field of psychology, two dimensional conceptions is currently most stimulating approach. Traits are not describing the actual characteristic but instead of judgment criteria used to communicate value expected from a person in social environment. It is not two dimension of psychological nature of a person but two aspect of social value attributed to persons in evaluations process. According to Beauvois personality is based upon distinction between Social desirability judgement and Social utility judgement. It can be said that it is rooted in social functioning.(Jackson,2012)

Each human being obtains distinct personality very early in their life. At the time a person has born, with such volume babies cries that reflect differences about their personality. Personality composed both the temperament and characteristic traits. Whereas Temperament refers innate emotions, while character is something what intentionally make of themselves. (Jackson,2012)

There are also Big five personalities traits that can define the different personality of a person with different characteristics are as follows. (Evans, J. G,1999)

  1. Neuroticism: A person with this trait experiencing negative effects such as fear, anger, sadness, guilt and disgust. In this stage a person faces psychological distress. A person who scores high in this stage is likely to have irrational ideas, and to be less able to control their impulses.
  2. Extraversion: It is general tendency to be outgoing and prefer large group or gathering and are assertive, active also talkative. They tend to be cheerful in disposition. They are also energetic and optimistic too.
  3. Openness to Experience: It shows to be more curious about inner and outer world. Having element of an active imagination, sensitivity, attentiveness to inner feeling. A person with this trait refers for variety, curiosity and independent judgement. Also willing to entertain with new ethical and social ideas.
  4. Agreeableness: It is general tendency with sympathetic and eager to help others and believes that others will do the same in return. It is with low in compare to others and also competitive instead of comparative to others.
  5. Conscientiousness: It consider general tendency to be able to resist impulses and temptation. As an individual they are strong, purposeful and determined. With positivity associated with occupational achievement and at the same time they are lack in moral principles.

In last I would like to sum up this research paper, and I would mentioned that I found through the research that individual’s personality differ at different level of stages in their life. As well as it can also be defined with the big five trait model for personality. Also each person’s personality differs at different situations that occur in their life. So, it could be same the way they doing something for usual but not for every time. They react differently as per the situation.


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