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Personality & Self-Concept

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Personality and Self-Concept

In view of the Jungian Typology self-appraisal, which uncovered compose ENFJ, demonstrating I have an identity of somebody as being Extroverted at Extroverted at (12%), iNtuitive at (12%), Feeling at (34%) and Judging Examining my identity compose more inside and out has made me go to the acknowledgment of exactly how basic it is, knowing every one of your qualities and additionally your shortcomings while empowering you to all the more likely spotlight on those regions where change is required. By doing that, in light of, being an independently employed, entrepreneur of a PC repair shop, would help reinforce those zones that are missing, while at the same time enhancing the vital aptitudes and capabilities of being a greater amount of a powerful pioneer, somebody who leads, as well as motivates, while dealing with a business every day.

Considering a position of authority, in the work environment and individual life, I have my solid focuses that are an awesome resource, particularly when it comes down to the association and administrative parts of my business and life outside of work. However, I have certain weaknesses that conflict with my ability in a leadership position. Overall, I’m pretty much a likeable person, and usually, open minded when there’s a difference in opinions. In a social environment and at work, I am the one that appears relaxed and comfortable when engaging in conversation. I can honestly say, “I’m comfortable with the skin I’m in!” I consider myself as being a practical individual, which is another personal strength that reflects on my personality and is a valuable asset when communicating on a business level.

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My ability to connect with clients through various business ventures, even between family and friends, is well recognized and known for my professionalism in my community. This aspect of my personality and self –concept is the most important factor in my life. I want others to look at me as a business professional, and not as a person that “talks the talk, but can’t walk the walk!” In addition to my strong points, comes a downside, which at times, I have to question my experience, when looked upon as a leader. My determination in helping others solve their problems is a great weakness of mine and always has been.

Due to my selfless nature, I often place more of a burden on myself, putting others before me, which slows down the process of finishing my workload, which I had set out to do. I also have a tendency to waste a great amount of time over-thinking on how I present myself and how I come across to people in general. Reflecting back on my personality self- assessment, my goal is to learn how I can be an exemplary leader, delegate more often, and not always trying to micro-manage everything, that’s put in front of me. In conclusion, through hard work and dedication, I am determined to overcome my weaknesses and enhance the strengths that will enable me to become a team leader, who can embrace change and set space aside for improvement, which will always be fulfilled.

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