Persuasive Essay on Why Abortion Should Be Illegal

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Abortion is a hot topic in today’s society, and very controversial. All humans whether their race, gender, ethnicity, religion, or age, have the right to life, and a women’s right to use her own body should not mean that she has the right to end someone else’s life. There are other options such as adoption. As well as placing the baby in a temporary guardianship. Even placing the baby with a family member is a good alternative. Abortion is wrong because it takes away from future personhood, and takes the life of an innocent human.

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A fetus is an innocent human that has a potential life that most likely will develop into a functional human being. That human that you are considering aborting, could one day save lives. Maybe become a police officer or a firefighter. Maybe even a doctor or a nurse. That human which many people believe is a clump of cells or a blob of tissue could serve in the military and defend the country your living in. Even if you’re looking on a small scale, that child could potentially grow up and have a family of its own.

The zygote which is the first cell formed at conception is composed of human DNA and other human particles, so its nature is undeniably human. Then if it’s not human then what is it? Some other species? Many will say it’s just a clump of cells yet that so-called “clump” doesn’t act as just a clump of cells. Instead, they act on any signals from the mother’s body. And “clumps” don’t do that. Those cells begin to form and to grow, even in a “dish in an incubator in the closet of some lab” as Ana Maria explained on As said by John Stonestreet on as well... “embryos know what they’re supposed to do to live. That means not only that the embryo is a living being, but that it’s a person”.

Some people may say that the fetus does not have the right to life the moment of conception. Yet in months that child shall acquire such a right, without disagreement, because that baby will take its first breath. This right should be protected by law the moment of conception. Everyone not only has the right to life but liberty and security as well. So we should vote for politicians against abortion, and if you aren’t of age to vote yet you can avoid buying from companies that support Planned Parenthood such as Nike, Bath & BodyWorks, Starbucks, etc. Everyone deserves a chance and we must defend those who cannot defend themselves!

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