Philippines and Its State as a Third World Country

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Philippines And Its State As A Third World Country

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The Philippines is classified as a third world country. The Philippines is a country which is stricken with poverty. The only place in the Philippines that is not in poverty is Manila, the country's capital. The Philippines has numerous problems that must be dealt with before they can become stable. The main problem is the Philippines is still cleaning up after World War 2. It is not all downhill, the Philippines has a successful coconut selling business. The Philippines continues to prosper through the tough times with the support and resources of first world countries.

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The Philippine government is a Presidential republic. This means they use the same government America has with a president who is either a Democrat or Republican. The Philippine government signed a Declaration of Independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. Then, on July 4, 1946, the Philippines declared independence from America. However, back in 2017 the Philippines accepted a United State military base. The current President is Rodrigo Duterte. Before Rodrigo was President, he was mayor for twenty years. Rodrigo has been president since May of 2016. (ciaworldfactbook,7) (nbcnews,5)

In the Philippines the main religions are Roman Catholic at 80.6% followed by the protestants at 8.2% (CIA world factbook pg. #3). While the Philippines was under the rule of Spain the Spaniards forced Catholic Christianity on Filipinos. Filipinos were told to instructed sacrifices. Their god was called Bathala who was supposed to be the creator. “When the United States took over the Philippines in the first half of the century, the justifications for colonizing were to Christianize and democratize (asiansociety,1).”

In Philippine culture Filipinos have countless traditions and festivals in honor of God and family. Most of the traditions apart from this culture such as: dance, art, music, and writings are inspired by old folk tales, legends, and Spanish traditions because Spain ruled the Philippines for 300 years. Holy Week is a special holiday that almost all the Philippines share. During this week they celebrate God and how He died for our sins. The whole process starts on Palm Sunday and continues until next Sunday. (traditionscustoms,1) The food is a huge deal in the Philippines, rice is served with all meal, usually accompanied by meat, seafood, or vegetables. One of the most favorable items in the Philippines is lechon. For Filipinas “The traditional attire receives its name from a famous character known as Maria Clara in the 19th-century narrative. The Maria Clara is made of four components mainly; the saya (a long dress), the tapis (a knee-long skirt), the camisa (a collarless chemise), and the panuelo (astiff scarf).” (worldatlas,1) The Filipinos wear Baro which is formal wear. (worldatlas,3)

The climate of the Philippines ranges from three options it is either humid, monsoon, or wet. Throughout the year there are two seasons the dry season and the wet season. Within the two seasons there are four mini seasons within. The first two or three a mini season is mostly dry depending on weather by season four is usually when it pours. The consistent temperature between 7,641 islands ranges from 83 to 47 degrees Fahrenheit. (ciaworldfactbook,2)

In the Philippines the people are suffering for various reasons. The Philippines lacks the proper footing they need to begin growing in resources. The Philippines is overpopulated as of July 2018 there are 105,893,381 people living in the Philippines. The Philippines is over 76 billion dollars in debt as of December 2017. The average household income for a family of at least three is 10%. There are low levels of sanitation and no health care that can be provided for Filipinos. Do to there being almost no health care over 1,000 people die each year from aids and HIV. (wordpress3,4,5,6)

The average age for Filipinos to start attending school is five. If they are lucky, they can read and write by the age of 15. Only 2.7% of the population has the opportunity to be exposed to schooling. Schooling is also difficult because most Filipinos do not have a way of transportation. Filipino children that can attend school have to wade through the trash filled river to reach school. (ciaworldfactbook,6)

As it was stated previously health care was scarce to none in the Philippines. The average life expectance is only 56 years old. The yearly birth rate is 23.4% of the population. Along with the death rate at 6.1% of the overall population. Children are suffering in the Philippines 22% of children are underweight while other areas adults are becoming obese. In the year of 2018 there were 24 deaths from lived births. (ciaworldfcatbook,4)

Two years ago, the Philippines was offered over 200 million dollars in support from Europe. “The EU is trying to enforce human rights regulations in exchange for its aid (the diplomat,1).” The Philippines could not accept this offer of support if it required a price. Throughout the years The Philippines has had open arms for anyone who was willing to help them. The Philippines largest supporters are the United States and Japan. (thediplomat,1)

In conclusion, the Philippines is a strong country. Even though they are going through suffering and pain, they can ask God to provide for them. Poverty is a serious topic in our world. And we can show the love of God and the joy that he brings, by helping third world countries around the world, not just the Philippines. In Proverbs 28:27 it says that if we give to the poor that we will lack nothing. However, many unpleasant things will happen to us if we ignore the poor and suffering around us.

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