Personal Understanding of the Concept of Leadership Through the Education Process


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My Philosophy of Educational Leadership paper mainly portrays my personal assumptions and core values on leadership. All human beings desire to be successful and live their lives to the fullest. However, some people find evaluating every single possibility and making rational decisions quite complicated. From my own perspective, in this case people need a powerful leader as a role model who they can easily rely on. Everybody has a varied definition of leadership. I personally assume leadership as holding a shared vision and working cooperatively with the followers to realize the common goals. Self-assessment is of great importance to leadership. I consider effective leader as somebody who is self-critical and constantly analyzes her performance to see the faults. Nevertheless, she sees her mistakes as a driving force, not as a setback. Constructive leader immediately seeks new ways to enhance the productivity instead of being intimidated by failure. I can provide an example from my own experience.

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My principal at school was so overconfident about her own leading strategy that she could not perceive any shortcomings in the system. Thus, eventually she didn’t make any contribution to the school. An innovative leader, on the other hand, takes manageable risks and leads her followers to the top. A basic example can be Steve Jobs who made customers’ requests his top priority and made a breakthrough in history. Witnessing some insufficiencies as a student made me pursue my career in the field of education. I envision assisting people to reach their true potential through effective education system. In order to realize my goals, I have formulated my own leadership philosophy. It contains four essential values: responsibility, achievement, effective communication and emotional intelligence. First and foremost, I place great value in responsibility which means taking the burden on your shoulders and working towards the goals. Being responsible certainly brings more obligations alongside with new experiences. I am accustomed to taking liabilities in my personal and business life and I consider punctuality as an indispensable part of the responsibility. Punctuality unquestionably reinforces and displays my integrity.

Since as a leader I set a good example accordingly, all individuals in a group will treat me in a respectful manner and implement their duties on time. Another essential value for me is achievement. When we accomplish a certain objective, it becomes a kind of addiction and we naturally await for more. I want to expound my ideas by referring two types of goals, namely short-term and long-term. I continuously set short-term goals and accomplish them over time. However, when it comes to making a decision for the distant future and to determine your ultimate perspective, then careful planning and strong commitment are necessary. To succeed in your goals whether short-term or long-term, strong patience, as well as, perseverance need to be involved in the process. Furthermore, I think collaboration and competition are correlated in terms of achieving the goals. There is a commonly held belief regarding competition that, it threatens relationships and causes you to envy others.

Despite all negative observations, I firmly believe competitive environment boosts the person’s productivity and makes her become the best version of herself. My third value is effective communication. To be a good communicator, you need to have excellent listening skills in the first place. The leader needs to be actively engaged in listening to the speakers without interruption and prejudiced view. In this case speakers feel comfortable and motivated to share their ideas. Since every new idea is an opportunity for a positive change, speaker’s ideas should never be taken for granted. Apart from that, I believe a leader need a persuasiveness in order to be able to convince others. Mastering a powerful tone of voice and excellent body language plays a pivotal role in communication. Last but not least, I put great value on emotional intelligence(EQ). A leader with merely cognitive intelligence without acquiring EQ cannot be a successful leader. If you are well aware of your vision, ultimate goals, then you can consciously control your actions, emotions and become master of your own soul. Hence, you find the capacity in you to discipline not only yourself, but also others in order to accomplish common objectives.

Emotions are extremely crucial for building long-lasting relationships and retaining balance in the organization. A leader with EQ can easily put himself in the shoes of others and make fair decisions regardless of the employee’s nationality, race, religious or political view. Holding tolerant attitude and approaching the employees with great empathy keep optimism and enthusiasm alive in the organization. I believe in reflection in life, which means, whatever you give ultimately returns back to you. If you treat others with compassion and radiate positive energy, the outcome will be worthwhile. Luckily, I have practiced all the above-mentioned values in my own life. When I was a 3rd year student I attempted to implement a project called “English Zone”. The content of this project was to speak only in English when you crossed that zone. Since I created a friendly atmosphere at class, everybody supported my idea and some even willingly wanted to join the project. I allocated different tasks for each participant and I was committed enough to make the project lucrative for all students. We held diverse conversation clubs, debates, movie days, etc. It was such an immense experience for me to see my faults and to overcome them for my future career. Although I was the creator of this project, I never acted like a boss or superior over others and I suppose that was the key factor of maintaining sustainability in the project.

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