Phoenix in "A Worn Path" by Eudora Welty

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Of all the cunning stories composed by Eudora Welty over the past 50 years, it is maybe “A Worn Path” that is most charming as far as its capacity to oppose basic clarification. The entire story is suggestive of a religious journey, while the conclusion infers that the arrival trek will resemble the voyage of the Magi, with Phoenix following a star to convey a blessing to the youngster. Indeed the story is in some sense, to utilize Isaacs’ assertion, “suggestive” of a religious mission.

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The story starts prominently on a cool December morning, and similarly as fast we are made mindful that there is an old dark lady “going along a way through the pinewoods.” We watch her as she arranges a progression of obstructions in that wild on her approach to Natchez, Mississippi, probably to get some drug for her grandson who, as per the medical attendant’s count close to the story’s end, had gulped a specific measure of lye a few years sooner, explaining further on the scriptural examination, Isaacs. In landing at his decision he legitimately draws on the Egyptian legend of the phoenix.

One would be neglectful not to do as such in light of the hero’s first name, However, though Bartel is by one means or another ready to see the phoenix as characteristic of Phoenix Jackson ‘s extreme destruction, it is more suitable to recall t the phoenix legend has its source in a zone of the world known as the “support of development” and furthermore most proper to consider that Welty may expect for us to join the legend with her story to uncover a procedure that goes ahead into vastness.

The Encyclopedia Britannica depicts the phoenix as a marvelous winged animal or bird associated with the love of the sun particularly in old Egypt and in established vestige. It was known to Hesiod, and depictions of its appearance and conduct happen in antiquated writing sporadically, with varieties in detail, from Herodotus’ record of Egypt ahead. The phoenix is said to be as expansive as a hawk, with splendid red and gold plumage and a musical cry. Just a single phoenix exists whenever. It is enduring; no old specialist gives it a life expectancy of under 500 years; some say it lives for a long time (an Egyptian Sothic Period): an extraordinary gauge is 97,200. As its end approaches the phoenix molds a home of fragrant limbs and flavors, sets it ablaze, and is devoured in the flares. From this fire supernaturally springs another phoenix.

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