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Phones in People’s Life

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Nowadays almost every people has their own phones which have become one of the most widely used things in the world. The technology of phones has developed very rapidly. There are many different kinds of applications that you can download from Internet. The phones are just the same as a computer now. People can play games,do their homework and even work on phones. Some people said that human should reduce the time of using phones because of the disadvantages, others said that phones are good for human and they bring a lot of advantages to human.

First of all, we should start by introducing the definition of a phone. A phone is a wireless handheld device that allows users to contact with each other. The earliest phones could only make and receive calls. Today’s phones, however, are packed with many additional features, such as web browsers, games, cameras, video players, healthcare and even Global Position System (Lane,et al 140).

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Actually, there are a lot of advantages for people to use phones in their daily lives. firstly, if someone is far away from their parents or friends, using phones is a good choice for them to contact with each in different ways such as calling, chatting even if having facetime. And also, phones could make people’s lives more convenient. For example, if someone do not want to go out to buy something, they could complete their orders online, They could even know more about the outside world, the latest news by using their phones surfing on the internet. It is also reliable for people to pay anything online. (Sharma)However, there are also many disadvantages for people to use their phones too much in their daily lives. On the one hand, if people rely on their phones seriously, they could lose some other living skills in the real life.

For instance, if people used to chat with each other on the social network, they could lose a part of communication skills in their daily lives. And also, if they surf on the internet almost everyday, they could lose the interesting of exploring the outside world by themselves, it is also possible that the ability of exploring and discovery could run out after some time. On the other hand, if people stare at their phone for such a long time, it could be really harmful to their eyesight, and there are also many negative influences on people’s cervical vertebra, they could catch cervical spondylosis after using phones for too much time. And for students, if they spend too much time on playing with their phones, it could have a really seriously negative influence on their study, because studenta always lack the ability to control themselves. The students have become the biggest group that using phones. Many students would like to bring their phones to school. I think that it’s good for students study. Because there are many applications for study. If students have some problems on study, they can just search the information online by using their phones. By the way teachers can also use send homework to students on phones. It is more convenient than send homework on paper. But some people think that it’s bad for students to bring phones to school. In their opinion students may play games in the class. This will make a bad influence on other students and they won’t learn the knowledge which teachers taught. What’s more students may search the key of the exam or homework from Internet. As a student, I think everything has two sides.

Students should use the right way of phones and learn how to control ourselves in order to avoid the wrong way which using phones. All in all, phones also have positive and negative influences on people’s lives, it is the truth that phones are a necessary tools in our daily lives, however, it could have many harmful points for different aspects of people’ daily lives.

In my opinion, people should reduce the time on their phones, and pay more attention on their family time and meet their friends chatting with them in the real life. (Vincent) If people could get a balance between their real lives and the virtual lives in their phones, they could find that the phones could take more beauty to their daily lives and give people more positive influence on different aspects of their lives.


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