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Stoutness in adolescents and children has become an issue in the world because of imbalance lifestyle, unhealthy habits and children are engaged in indoor activities more than outdoor. It has been observed that obesity has come under top five reasons due to which middle school student-athletes drop out of organized sports. Therefore, physical education is indispensable in middle and high schools for children and adults to know more about overall aspects regarding health and intakes they should consume in their diet because of this their ability to understand the awareness about physical education importance will increases. Also, It is significant that people should maintain a healthy lifestyle to battle being overweight or obese. There are numerous benefits physical education provides today’s students and society. In schools and universities, a physical education program can benefit society in many ways if executed and utilized appropriately.

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Furthermore, there are many fields where physical education can serve tremendously and positively for students and society. Significantly is physical fitness. For example, physical education benefits students and society improve skill-related components such as speed, balance, mental health, nutrient diets intake, and basic movement patterns. Physical education helps students and society improve upon a strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular activities. The American Heart Association (AHA, 2010) recommends that if children and adolescents want to increase their life expectancies, they need to eat healthier and become physically active. Doing these physical fitness workout helps students to defeat diseases and increase their thinking ability to learn faster, which will ultimately improve their academics score as well as creativity.

The Importance of Physical Literacy for Physical Education and Recreation authors by Basoglu, Umut Davis its the basis of characteristics, qualifications, behaviors, awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the development of healthy active living and physical recreation opportunities Physical Literacy (PL); has become a global concern in the fields of physical education and recreation since its first use as a term. In addition, For physical education, schools need to improve to have a better campus so that children attracts more towards physical activities and experience sports and For a better campus sporting experience: Scale development and validation of the collegiate sportscape scale is required top measure. A collegiate sportscape scale is developed to measure the elements contributing to students’ sport-related experiences on campus. The results revealed a 14-item scale. Specifically, the collegiate sportscape scale consists of four factors: sport and physical education classes (4 items), sports facilities (4 items), varsity teams (3 items), and intramural sports (3 items). The scale was found to be a valid and reliable measure to assess students’ sport-related experience on campus. Furthermore, collegiate sportscape positively influenced students’ loyalty toward the university both directly and indirectly through satisfaction. This scale can be useful for administrators to better understand students’ experience on campus.

Moreover, Accelerometer-measured versus self-reported physical activity in college students: implications for research and practice. The main concern level of moderate-vigorous-intensity physical activity (MVPA) is to determine the assessed through self-report and accelerometer in the college and to know intrapersonal and contextual variables associated with physical activity. According to report participants were 77 college students at a university in the northwest

Sampled between January 2011 and December 2011. Participants completed a validated self-report measure of PA and measures of athletic identity and benefits and barriers to exercise. Participants’ PA levels were assessed for 2 weeks via accelerometry. Also, the result was the participants’ estimations of their time spent engaged in MVPA were significantly higher when measured via self-report versus accelerometry. Stronger athletic identity, perceived social benefits and barriers, and time-effort barriers were related to PA levels.

State further, the impact of constraints and negotiation strategies on involvement in intramural sport. Research has been based on how negotiation strategy influences behavioral factors of participation in an provided activity. This results to determine the effects that constraints and negotiation strategies have on individual facets of involvement, namely, attraction, identity affirmation, identity expression, centrality, and social bonding. Students participating in a university intramural sport programme at a large Canadian university completed a written survey that investigated the constructs of involvement, constraints, and negotiation strategies. Findings determined that each facet of involvement was impacted differently, This study has implications for practitioners developing strategies to enhance participation in intramural sport.

Overall, physical education has numerous benefits and its knowledge will make students and society more aware of the facts. Hence, students should take participate in intramural sports activities to stay physically fit, therefore schools and universities need to improve their sports experience for students. Also, according to AHA, 2010 recommended, students should increase their life expectancy. Lastly, strategies and negotiations have an impact on participants to involve in given activities and provide surveys how participants involvement come out differently. This will help schools to know how to improve in future to come up with new strategies and improve participants involvement.

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