Physician Assisted Suicide: Ethical Issues of Euthanasia

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I would like to discuss a topic that some people don’t think is ethical or moral and the topic is (PAS) Physician-Assisted Suicide is something that more patient is actively seeking because they are getting to the point in their life where they are tired of suffering from debilitating pain which no amount of medication is able to reduce the pain they are feeling so they are seeking a way to end their life and I’m all for Physician-Assisted Suicide to help me stop waking up to pain .

Coming from a love one and watching someone who is terminally ill it hard to see my grandmother hurting really bad that one of the reasons I’m all for Physician-Assisted Suicide according to active steps taken to end someone’s life to stop their suffering and the “final deed” is undertaken by someone other than the person, for example, a doctor. If the person concerned has requested this, it falls under the term “voluntary euthanasia”.

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Assisted suicide is about helping someone to take their own life at their on request in other words, the last deed is undertaken by the person. Assisted dying can be used to mean both euthanasia, generally voluntary, and assisted suicide; however, some campaign groups use it to refer only to assisted suicide of terminally ill people. “One of the dilemmas we have in these ongoing debates is how people don’t feel that isn’t appropriate for anyone to help someone commit suicide on the other hand.’

When it comes to the ethical side of Physician-Assisted Suicide it is still something people are still on the fence about because they feel like you are taking someone life away and who are you to play God. When doctor-induced death becomes an acceptable response to the suffering of dying people, logical extensions grease the slippery slope. Last year in Holland, where voluntary euthanasia is permitted, over 40 people sought and received euthanasia for depression or other mental illness. Even the psychiatrist who began this practice in the ’90s recently declared the situation had gone “off the rails.” In April, a 47-year-old Dutch mother of two was granted her wish to die because of long-standing tinnitus (ringing of the ears).

So if we use the example provide someone will feel like this is unethical to help her commit sucide because they don’t think what she going through is that serious and she still be able to live beside a physician went to school to save someone life and not end it cause that will be unethical and immoral however the other side of this debate is I feel like Physician-Assisted Suicide very ethical because they are helping their patient whose are terminally ill and the medication is just prolonging what the outcome will be ,or the medication isn’t even working at all then also if patient is requesting that she or he no longer want to live I feel that it should be up to the physician to help his patient transition.

Here are some of the ethical issue that I identify the most with Death with dignity involves respecting a patient’s choices, including desire for death; active euthanasia may be more humane than passive; because that takes a lot of courage for anyone to that has suffered from an illness to wake up one day and say there are ready to die and leave there love ones here all alone. That is a hurting feeling for someone to go through.

In 2014, there were 42,773 suicides in the United States, which is approximately 1.6 percent of all deaths. Of those suicides, 7,693 were older than 65 (and 5,079 were between the ages of 15 and 24); 33,113 males committed suicide compared to only 9,660 females. It is estimated that there are twenty-five nonfatal attempts for every actual suicide.

I would prefer to let the physician help my love one transition then to have them take the matter in their own hands by overdosing on medication or using a handgun to kill them self-causing them to resort to that option but if you let their physician do it.then that will be better for everyone. I feel in ten years from now there will be more state allowing physician Assisting suicide it will be very common like surgery and it will be related able and there will be a certain protocol that has to be in place before it happens and there will be multiple physical and a doctor appointed board where they evaluation all the required documentation need to get approval to end their life.


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