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Plant and seeds

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In The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, travel along with a tiny seed as it faces all manner of dangers on its journey to becoming a flowering plant. Readers watch as the tiny seed faces the forces of nature (like wind) and man (like being trod upon), and will be cheering for the little seed and amazed at the drama (and life lessons!) inherent in the flowering process.Tree of Life: World of the African Baobab by Barbara Bash, a lavishly illustrated look at the stately and unique African baobab tree, which can live over 1000 years, grow 60 feet tall and 40 feet wide, and looks as if it was planted upside down! This title depicts not only the stages of growth and other details about the tree but also its interactions with the surrounding environment.

Seed is Sleepy by Dianna Hutts Aston, is an artistic “contemplative” (School Library Journal) title about the somewhat anthropomorphized qualities of seeds, (sleepy, adventurous, naked) Each spread is devoted to a specific quality, with a short phrase like “A seed is sleepy”, a few paragraphs of text explaining why this is the case, and richly detailed sketches. In a Nutshell by Joseph Anthony, is a moving story about the stages of life and the circle of life, captured by the same author and illustrator of The Dandelion Seed.

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In this story, an acorn drops from a great oak and grows. Animals nibble at it and a fire threatens it, but the little acorn overcomes many challenges and eventually grows tall enough to tower over the forest and observe the changing landscape below. Living Sunlight: How Plants Bring the Earth to Life by Sallie W. Chisholm This title tackles a very complicated subject-photo-synthesis and largely succeeds. Narrated by the sun, the text explains what is happening at a molecular level and why it matters on a broad scale. Accompanying the text are Penny Chisolm’s striking illustrations that “light up the pages and swirl across the page.” (School Library Journal)


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