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Playfulness Of Generation Z

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Almost all of us are a fan of watching movies and reading novels, we end up crying, be mesmerized, inspired, or even left hanging with a dozen of questions tingling in our minds. But have you ever questioned yourself as to what made us react that way? What really is in movies or novels that make us extremely emotional? Movies and Novels have several literary techniques, and these techniques are what made them extraordinary and have us hooked up.

There are 14 literary techniques that are existing and are used in movies and novels. Each of these techniques differ from each other in how they influence and make a movie or novel interesting. Out of all those techniques, I will be focusing on one technique and that is Playfulness. This technique is quite fascinating, you might find them too child-like but it can make our mind realize what we haven’t learned yet. Playfulness technique focuses on a child-like approach or theme but behind that child-like theme is a powerful message that we can get and reflect to. In fact, a lot of directors and writers are using this theme to convey a message in a fun way.

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With that being said, I’ll have this question, how does playfulness improve the conveyance of message in a text? In our generation today, the generation Z often watch movies all the time and tend to imitate what is shown, especially children, but with playfulness, a technique that not only entertains the young but also, gives them a good example of how a human should be. They can possess good characteristics as a person because the movie they watched has brought them a sense of responsibility. And by responsibility that means being able to know what is right and wrong. Let us take the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs as an example, I have personally watched this movie and I can articulate that it really brings me to my senses to be yourself and never be someone you’re not, cliche as it sounds but it is true. This might be just a movie about food and inventions but as you go deeper, you’ll find out that there are tons of lessons to adhere. That is how playfulness works.

Utilizing a technique in interpreting and deepening one’s understanding of a text is compulsory because as we can see, our generation today has a very short attention span, one dull movie or novel and they can’t even finish up to the end. But a movie or novel containing a literary technique such as playfulness, they can be entertained as well as absorb important life lessons a movie or novel contains. For example, if the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs did not contain any literary technique, the movie would be a bore and we, the audience or viewers will never get what the movie is trying to tell us, the movie has to connect to its viewers in some way. Thus, Playfulness is an effective technique to get the viewer’s attention and be hooked with what they are watching.

Almost all of us focuses on movies or novels that are catchy and would feed our hunger for entertainment. The literary technique playfulness reminds us that even if it is a child-like movie, we can still get meaningful lessons. It expresses what the director would like us to understand in a way that we will never get bored of it even if we watch it a dozen times. Always remember, no matter how funny a movie is, there will always be a deeper lesson behind it, it may not be obvious but trust me, every writer and director wants their movie or novel to leave a great impact to its viewers.


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