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Pleasantly Spending Winter Holidays in India

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Winters has always being a necessary for a country like India. Now a days its becoming even more difficult to differentiate the seasons. According to me I think that there are two seasons which can be felt. They are 10 months of summer and 2 months of winter. Winter is the time when people actually are a bit relieved as they can escape from the scorching heat of the sun. I also try and enjoy these months to the fullest.

But there is one sad part that we get only a one and a half weeks holiday during winter. Its also my favourite season as its the time when Christmas is celebrated in the country. I am a traveler by heart. So obviously I never stayed at home during my vacations. I went out for my solo ride on my bike. My plan was to go to Manali because it was my dream to see the roads as well as the mountains covered with snow. The temperature was freezing, it was around -2°C.

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It took me 2 days to reach my destination. Manali was around 2024kms from my home. Reaching there I was really amazed to see the beauty. It seemed as if the nature has wrapped itself with a white shawl. The place looked as well as felt divine. I also met few other travelers like me who were going to ladakh, a biker’s dream destination. I talked to them. They said that they would stay that day in manali and the next day they will leave for Ladakh. We all went to the famous Rhotang pass.

It was really a pleasure to ride with them. They were really amazing. We indulged ourselves in few winter sports. We rode snowmobile and it was tremendous fun. It reminded me of the bike ride on those sand dunes of Jaipur, but here there was a small difference. Instead of sand there was snow all around. We drank 5 cups of tea each as it was too cold. I took few riding tips from those experienced riders whom I met and also came to know about few places nearby that I can visit the next day. The next day they were leaving so that night we had party together.

The next day early morning I went to see them off. They were pleased by my conduct and gifted me a t shirt of their club. I also went out for those suggested sightseeings. The next day I had to start for my journey back home which would again take 2 days Trode back home safe and sound. It was really a great experience for me. I think that’s the best ever way in which I could have spent my winter holidays and i did it.

I went to play outdoor games in the nearby garden during the evening. i also read some books during my vacation. i donate some of my books to the needy people. I got spend quality time with my family. My last winter vacation was indeed the most memorable one.


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