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Plot Review of Toy Story 3

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Every toy always wants to be play and love, but will it last for eternity? Toy Story movie, the final part of movie that you don’t want to miss out. The plot of the movie was well organize and the scene was beautiful that goes along with the wonderful music and the toys amazing costumes. The Dialogue is compelling, entertaining and emotional to tears. Also Theme during this movie will make you question of what will happen next, that is the curious part. All these aspect of this movie are really cool! I think anybody in this world use to play toy when they were young. It just make you wonder, do toys have feelings too? This might be a joke people, but it’s very interesting when you guessing what if?

The plot of the movie is was interesting. Andy is growing up and going to college, while his toy doesn’t know what Andy is going to do with them. In the movie, the scene shows that Andy wants to leave his toy them in the attic, except Woody. I think that this scene is understandable because Andy still wants all his toys but he doesn’t want to bring all of them because he doesn’t play them anymore. Then after that, the scene shows that Andy’s mom accidently throw the toys away and the toy end up being donated them to the Sunnyside Daycare. This scene was shocking when I first watch it. It makes me wonder what is going to happen next are they really sure they wanted to leave Andy forever? Next there is a bear name Lotso who controls the toy in the daycare place, but then later the daycare was not as nice as it is, as lots of toys was trap and abuse by Lotso and his gangs and even Andy’s toys were trap too. The toys were thrown in the cage, lock up so they would not escape from the daycare. So it is up to Woody to help his friends escape from Lotso and his gangs out of the daycare. It was a relieve part to watch how Andy toys really regrets to choose the horrible daycare over Andy attic. The plot has a wonderful idea of how the toys will know what to decide where they want to be for a long time.

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Scenery I think the scenery is very interesting as it goes in order of how the story is going to be at. Like beginning of the scene was Andy room and that was where the toys are there was blue walls computer desk, rolling chair and selves. It was more a mature room and no toys around. This is a very sad and emotional scenes that there is no toy around anymore, you don’t see any warmth in the room. Then the next scene, the toys were at Sunny Side Daycare where they were donated there. The place was bright from the sun and it was colorful just like rainbows. There was toy box, selves, desk, chairs, painted wall with cartoons and toys. I like how is artistic and represent as a playful place. Another scene was at the incineration place it was dark trashy and looks more like an abandoned place that no one cares. This incineration place take place at the scene when Andy toys was dump to the Incineration place and they try to get away from the shredded machine and the huge flames in a tunnel big as a stadium. I think this scene was so heart tremble that it makes you wonder what will happen next.

I am impress the music in the movie, is very catching and emotionally. The music scene in the part when Andy was playing with all his toys in his room while his younger sister join in and knock off some of his toys and his mom standing by the door video tape him as he play with them as he grows up and then later on the toys end up in the box and the music stop. The music reminds me the music that had played before in the other two parts of the movie, “Toy Story1 and Toy Story 2.” It was emotional childhood music sung from the cowboy toy name Woody call, “You got a friend in me,” realistically sing but the artist name, “ Randy Newman,” is a wonderful music that if I listen this song alone I cry. Another music scene was when Woody and Jessie were trying to save the Orphan baby dolls in the train from falling down the exploded bridges that was destroy Mr. Potato head. I like the music of this part because it plays a very powerful orchestral song. Also is a familiar song from, “Toy story 2” too. I just love it!

I am really amaze of the toys costume especially Buzz the soldier space toy, I think his costume is awesome. His costume is colorful; his whole body is cover with armor color white and thin green detail all over. Also he has a clear air hood, wings and multiple buttons to do special effect too. I like when he uses his wing blast flying to catching the train saving the Orphan dolls from falling down to the deep ground. That part was in Andy imagination but I think it was very cool! Also there was a scene that all the toys was dump in the truck and is was dark, so Woody the cowboy toy told everybody to go to Buzz glowing armor. I think it was great that he has a useful armor and he has a well prepare armor.

In the dialogue there are some great quote of the toys talk to each other and how they feel. Like in the scene when Lotso caught the toys escaping out of the daycare and they all argue and Woody say that he thinks Lotso kid still love him and Losto say, “We’re all just trash waiting to be thrown away! That’s all a Toy is!” Lotso was replaced before by a kid and it changes him to think that a kid’s love for a toy is easy to forget. The next scene is when after Woody and his friend tour the Sunnyside Daycare the toys love it but Woody disagree to stay and Woody say to them that, “ Well, then our job is to be there for him.” In this line I admire that Woody is very faithful to Andy and he wants his friends to believe him because he just know that Andy still love them and they have to be there for Andy no matter what that’s what toys are for. Another line that it said by Woody and Buzz was after when they had a gathering meeting and wooding was depress looking at the picture that the toys took with Andy’s playing with them. Then Buzz came behind Woody and say, “Well what ever happen at least we’ll all be together.” Then Woody says, “For infinity and beyond.” I love how this quote shows the quality of their friendships and love as a family.

The theme in the toy story 3 was wonderful, the theme in the movie is to believe in something no matter what other will say, like in the scene when Andy was looking for his phone and found his phone inside the box where the toys was but he ignore to play with them. Other toys thinks they are going to be thrown away because Andy don’t play with them anymore, but Woody believed Andy still love his toys. I think this part shows that Woody don’t want his friends to give up believing in Andy. The next scene Andy puts the toys in the bag he was planning to put them in the attic but his mom thought it was trash and throws them outside but then they escape and Woody try to tell them it was a mistake. The other toys think Woody was lying. I was relief this part because it shows the truth of what Andy wants to do with is toys. This is a theme that shows how much can one toy believe in its owners and he wants other to believe it too.

Toy Story was a fantastic movie that I recommended that you should go watch it. This movie has an excellent plot of how the movie begins, with beautiful scenes that bright up your vision, so on catching music and the toys epic costumes that can do great things. It has wonderful and cold hearted dialogue of how toys has feelings and thoughts of their own that will play in the theme in the movie of what a toy life is really all about. Again Toy Story is a Perfect movie for everybody to watch.


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