Plot Summary and Review of the Book of Genesis


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Starting the book of Genesis God created the earth. His creations started with bringing light to the overwhelming darkness. He then went on to create the sky, land, vegetation and living creatures all within 6 days. The first verse of Genesis has always been a verse I knew by heart because my grandma taught it to me when I was little. On day 6 God planned to create his own image, so that he does by creating man. He forms Adam out of the dust of the ground and soon after takes a rib from Adam, and create Eve. He placed them in the garden of Eden and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number.” He gave them the garden all to themselves to eat from, but gave them one rule; to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The fruit that came from that tree produced forbidden fruit, and if they ate it, he told them they would die. The story of Adam and Eve has always been so interesting to me because we serve a God who is gracious enough to give a beautiful, and fulfilling to gift to someone so undeserving. He still gives to us who are undeserving, even when we take the wrong path. This brings me to the next part of Genesis, a serpent appears in the garden and deceives Eve and she eats the forbidden fruit, sharing it with Adam. God damns Eve with painful childbirth, and Adam the punishment is working the land for food. God soon removes them from the garden and places them out in the world. Before reading the full book of Genesis, I didn’t know the consequences they were faced with for disobeying God’s command. After they left the garden, they had 3 Son: Cain (a farmer), Abel (a herdsman), and Seth. Cain killed Abel out of jealousy when he discovered God was more pleased with Abel, and sent Cain to the east of Eden.

As time passed, mankind became more evil and God regretted his creation. He was ready to eliminate all men until he met Noah. Noah gained Gods trust, and was told to build an ark for flood coming. Noah did as God said, and once the flood was gone Noah was rewarded with a plentiful life for his family, including his 3 sons: Shem, Ham and Japheth.

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In order for Noah to continue his blessed life he was required to follow rules made by God pertaining to eating and murder, and God promises to never harm the earth again. This reminds me of when we make our promise to love God wholeheartedly when we accept him into our lives. If we do as God says, as well as live by his example, our life will be fruitful in many ways. One of the most amazing things to me about the love of Christ, is he never breaks a promise. He is one whole seriously loves forever, and forgives endlessly. God giving Adam and Eve the garden, and giving Noah a good life after the flood showed me where Gods selfless characteristic came from, and it still shines through today. There is detailed description of Noah’s sons descendants, and how he cursed Ham’s sons people, the Canaanites.

As the world became corrupt once again, people who moved west to Babylon, and built the Tower of Babel hoping it would get them to heaven. God then calls on Abram to bring the world back to Gods standards. He makes a covenant with Abram telling him he’ll make his people into a great nation. He and his family moves to Canaan and he builds foundations to show his commitment to The Lord. He is also sent to Egypt, where he also builds altars. He becomes rich once returning to Canaan, which was a positive, but found out his wife, Sarai, could not bear children. Abram has his first child, Ishmael through Hagar, who is a handmaiden. After he is born, God commands Abram and all his people be circumcised, and for that God promised him a son though Sarai. The son will be named Isaac. Due to Abrams dedication, he was renamed Abraham, and his wife was Sarah. Sarah doesn’t believe when God says she will have a kid because she is 90 years old. This is a prime example in which all things are possible through God. My cousin experienced the trouble of not being able to have a child, but after prayer and years of trying she now has 3 healthy children. I believe it was truly the work of God. As result of her disbelief, God sends people to destroy Sodom. God and Abraham compromise, and the cities remain intact. As Abraham has followed all of God’s commands thus far, he challenges his faith by telling him to sacrifice his own son. As Abraham goes to strike his son, The Lord stops him and gives him an animal to sacrifice instead. Abraham wants his son to marry a non-Canaanite, so he sends a servant to find Isaac a wife. He ends up marrying Rebekah. Sarah, and Abraham both died.

Abraham is the perfect example of being a disciple to God. I found it interesting that he was willingly going to sacrifice his son with no question. That made me put into perspective the lengths we, as people of God, should go to, to obey his word. I mean, killing your only son is pushing it in this day and time, but it made me think of careers, and life decisions. I believe God draws people to certain occupations, for certain reasons even if the “reason’ is apparent at the time. Before reading, I knew who Abraham was but I didn’t know all the tests God has put him through. I also didn’t know that Sarah was unable to have kids until God placed his hand on her and allowed it. This was probably my favorite part of the whole book because it was a prime example of giving your all to God, and you will receive.

After Abraham died, Isaac had 2 sons: Esau, and Jacob. Esau is the alpha of the 2. When Isaac was old, he told Esau to fix him a meal so he could give him the blessings from God. While Esau is busy, Rebekah and Jacob make a plan to fool Isaac so Jacob could be blessed. Jacob dressed in Esau’s clothes, so when Jacob presented his father with the meal, he couldn’t tell the difference and blessed Jacob instead. He was blessed with the inheritance of God, and a high status. This blessing cannot be reversed once Esau finds out. Jacob goes to his uncle Laban’s house, and agrees to work in order to marry Laban’s daughter Rachel. Jacob got a taste of his own medicine when he was tricked into marrying Rachel’s older sister, Leah, before marrying her. Between his two wives, he has 11 sons and a daughter. I feel like Jacob getting tricked is a result of him doing his brother wrong. He put Esau in a bad spot, so he in return gets stuck in a tough spot of two women fighting for his attention. As Jacob goes back home to Canaan, he is afraid of seeing his brother so he hid out at Jabbok River. God is disguised as a man, and he wrestles Jacob, and ends up blessing him and naming him Israel, which means “he struggles with God”. Jacobs daughter is raped by a man from Shechem, and as a result, Jacob’s sons kill of the Shechemites men. As Jacob’s son grow up, they grow to hate the youngest son, Joseph, which is also their fathers favorite. They eventually sell him into slavery, and tell their dad that Joseph is dead. Joseph ends up in Egypt, and becomes one of the Pharaoh’s apprentice’s for he can interpret dreams. He is then elected to be the highest official under the Pharaoh since he warned them of the famine, and was working to set aside food. The plague hits, and his brothers show up to buy food, as they did not recognize him. He sends them back to Canaan to get their youngest brother, Benjamin, and plants a silver cup on him. He is doing this to test their will. He “finds” the cup on Benjamin, and threatens to kill him. One brother Juda, offers his life to keep Benjamins, then Joseph tells them who he is.

At this point, Jacob is close to death and goes to Egypt to be with his family. He confirms with Joseph that his sons will inherit the blessings he did. When Jacob goes to bless the boys, he states that Ephraim will be greater than Manasseh. Jacob dies, and so does Joseph.

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